Let’s Go! {A VoxBox In Motion Review}

Hello Go!

My Go VoxBox from Influenster arrived on a day when my feet were tired and had been abused (most likely unrelated to my current foot troubles). I immediately broke out the foot-pampering goodies to get testing:

I started with the ProFoot Pedi-Rock to smooth out my rough heels. I love this thing! It’s squishy so it’s easier and more pleasant to keep a grip on than pumice stones while using and it forms to my foot. I used it dry, but it can be used wet as well and is really easy to clean. 

Once smoothed and cleaned, I used the Aqua Spa Relax body cream on my feet and legs. The lavender scent was very calming and my feet felt so much better. I really like this lotion.

The next day, I tossed the ProFoot, Triad Orthotic inserts in my dress shoes and wore them to work. They were comfortable on my left foot and I look forward to actually getting to try them out more in the future, but swelling in one of the joints on my right foot forced me to remove them to restore room in my shoes.

I also tested out two of the Next Step Shakes from the Vitamin Shoppe (vanilla and fresh berries, I have a chocolate one waiting on me). Coming in at around 13 grams of carbs, I used them as a snack. Since I’m not trying to lose weight, I don’t foresee myself continuing to use this product, but they did keep me feeling full, which is kind of a surprise because my body doesn’t make the hormone for feeling full correctly. The flavors were good too, sometimes fitness/health shakes taste weird, but I liked these.

My favorite part about the Next Step shakes though was the shaker. It’s awesome! The jack inside mixes everything really well and it’s dishwasher safe, so that thing is staying for me!

I snacked on the Blue Diamond Blueberry Almonds. I love almonds. I love blueberries. There were a tasty snack, although I’m not used to eating purple nuts. They were slightly sweetened a little dusty but definitely the tasted like their name, blueberry almonds. There are a couple of other flavors that I’d like to try and they go very well in my backpack when I ride my bike.

The last item in the box, aside from a coupon for a free Mueller yogurt that I keep forgetting to use when I’m at the store, was a box of Playtex Sport tampons.

Let me start out by saying that I’m not a fan of discussing my feminine hygiene products on my blog or social media. Skip this paragraph if you don’t want to read about tampons. The bottom line is that I did not like these and I won’t be using the rest of what they sent me. I have used Playtex products in the past and they’ve been good (“good” means effectively doing the job they’re supposed to do), but the sport ones weren’t what I needed. I think there’s too much focus on various “technology” in these products and not enough design for comfort, health and effectiveness. I used to be a lifeguard, swimming instructor and competitive swimmer, which means that sporty-tampons had a pocket in my swimming bag… these would not have made the cut  for me.

I was sent these complimentary products from Influenster for review purposes… the things were free, but the opinions are mine and are honest. (I think that bloggers who review products have to be honest because our readers want to know what real people think of them.)

Do you have favorite “Go” products? What’s keeping you moving this summer?


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