I haven’t been a glasses wearer for my whole life, so in the short period of time after having to get glasses and then getting contacts, I wore some super cute, but reasonably heavy, frames all day every day. I never got used to them resting on my nose and found myself taking my glasses off periodically to give myself a break.

After getting contacts, the old glasses weren’t an issue since I only wore them for a few hours a week. So when the right lens ended up scratched, I had an eye exam scheduled and Firmoo offered me a pair of glasses to review… and shared their newest styles with me, it was perfect timing.

I used my new, barely changed prescription to get a new pair of glasses.

I opted for one of the new frame styles.

When my new glasses arrived, I was shocked at how lightweight they were.


If you need a new pair of glasses like I did, you can take advantage of Firmoo’s First Pair Free Program that was recently renewed.

How often do you get new glasses?

I received my glasses free for review purposes from Firmoo. All opinions are always my own.


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