Plant-Based and Personalized Vegan Meals

I received a VegReady sample free of charge for the purposes of testing, however all opinions are my own.

Even though I’m not vegan or vegetarian (here’s the difference if you don’t know), I try to have at least one meet-free meal per day. So when the folks at VegReady offered to send me one of their snacks to try out, I gladly accepted.

VegReady provides vegan meals that are healthy and ready to eat. They offer a variety of options and don’t require refrigeration which makes them easy to take with you. Coming in 2018, you can order meals matched to your DNA.

I received a Mango & Jalapeno Quinoa Snack to test out. VegReady products are ready to eat, so you literally just open it up and dig in.

If you have leftovers, simply refrigerate them. I chose to eat my sample at room temperature, but I think it would taste fine either heated up or cold from the fridge.

If you like quinoa and spicy mango salsa, this snack is perfect. It comes in two containers, that I chose to mix together. The saucy part mixed great with the quinoa grains and had a great texture and flavor. A little spicy, a little sweet. I would have appreciated a touch more protein in the meal, but a handful of almonds on the side or adding some black beans to it would up the protein content.

I have to admit, I was crazy fascinated by the tiny spork that came with it too.

You unfold it and snap on the little piece

Meals from VegReady can be customized to dietary needs

If you’ve given up meat, gone totally vegan or want to simply do #MeatlessMonday – VegReady is a great option. Especially for on-the-go or lunch at the office.

Check out their site and learn more about their Kickstarter Campaign here.


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