Smarter Keys {Product Review}

I was complaining to Brad about how many keys I have. When my office moved, I went from two keys for work that I barely ever had to use, to three keys that I use every day. Then we moved into the shoebox apartment while the house is being built and ended up with a fob, apartment key and storage unit key. Frustrating.

Overall a handful of keys didn’t bother me until I started pulling them out of my purse and putting them back and trying not to scratch one of the three screens in my purse.

Then the folks at Key Smart sent me their compact solution to bulky key rings.

Key Smart is a really smart little gadget that seems so simple that I can’t believe I’ve only just recently learned about it. It organizes your keys the way that pocket knife blades are organized.

I really don’t have that many keys, honestly it seemed like the rings just kept multiplying.

All you do is unscrew Key Smart, put your keys and spacers in and put it back together.

Key Smart comes with the end loop that’s perfect for a single key ring to hold my car key, fob, storage key and blingy key chain. I believe that my Key Smart came with a single expansion set, which made it the perfect size for my keys.

I do wish that my one additional like key would have also worked with Key Smart.

The Key Smart I received was the standard size, they also offer an extended length for longer keys, there’s a sizing guide if you aren’t sure. Standard works for most regular house keys though.

Key Smart comes with a price tag of $19.98, which seems a little high for how small of a product it is. But they seem to always have a 10 or 15 percent off code at the top of the home page.

Its made right here in the United States from aluminum and stainless steel and comes in eight colors: Blue, black, red, green, purple, orange, slate and pink. There’s also a titanium option doubles in price at $48.98.

Expansion packs are pretty cheap if you have more than four keys, you’ll need at least one, they’re $1.98.

And of course there are accessories, including USB drives (in 8, 16, 32 or 64 GB), bottle openers, quick disconnects, pocket clips, quick retract, lanyards, pocket clips, key blanks (available in colors), golf divot tools and replacement parts.

I think it’s handy for me and makes my keys fit nicely in the side pocket of my purse, I think it’s a little more useful for guys like my husband who don’t like bulky key rings in their pockets, especially if they have a lot of keys to keep on hand.

You can visit for more information and to actually get Key Smart.

I received this product free from Key Smart to review, all opinions are my own. I am a member of the affiliate program so there are affiliate links in this post.

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