Weekend Wrap Up: Bricklaying, Cleveland Flea & House Update

We had an interesting and fun weekend, it involved bricklaying, food trucks, flea market browsing, upcycled awesomeness and a trip to the house.

Saturday morning started with the Bricklayer 500 regionals at St. Mary’s Cement Terminal. One of my clients was involved with the event. This particular event is a speed bricklaying competition.

The masons competing were all very talented craftsmen. I got to be a little crafty myself and adhered stone on lath.

If this PR things doesn’t work out I could become a mason.

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Following the Bricklayer 500, we met friends for lunch at The Cleveland Flea and wandered the booths. Brad and I got pulled pork sandwiches from the Proper Pig food truck and our friends got lunch at the Wholly Frijoles truck, Brad also enjoyed some ice cream from Piccadilly Creamery, they make their ice cream using liquid nitrogen which doesn’t form ice crystals, giving the ice cream super creamy texture. There were some cool stuff available from many of the vendors, but we decided to wait until we’re in the house to get any new decorations or furniture so we know it’ll go.

While we were wandering The Flea, Rustbelt Reclamation rolled out their welcome banner for an open house and we got to see some of the amazing things that they do with salvaged materials.

We also headed over to check out the progress on our house. Some of the plumbing has been put in, including our bathtub and master bathroom shower, and progress was made on our roof (as were footprints).

Technically I only needed to wear the hardhat if it was an “active work zone” which it wasn’t, but I couldn’t resist

How was your weekend?

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