Buy or Build: Decision 2015

We put our house on the market knowing that we wanted to live somewhere else. We just didn’t know where, or what, that would be.

Since our house sold (in 4 days!), a lot of people are wondering what we’re doing and where we’re going. (Spoiler Alert: We’re staying in the greater Cleveland area.)

It started with some research on “resale” homes in a few areas that we liked. We saw some great homes, but none really felt like “it” or made us excited to actually put our house up for sale.

Brad started doing research (he’s great at research) and discovered that we could build a brand new home in our price range. That thought was staggering, but proved when we visited a new Ryan Homes community and walked through two floor plans. Then we went through the pricing exercise to determine which features we wanted in a home.

So we signed the paperwork and bought ourselves a home site. Lot 147 is the K-Couple’s future home.

But between the time we close on our current home and the time we close on the new construction, we’ll be homeless (3ish months). I’ll be writing a blog post on temporary housing options in the near future.

What’s one feature you would want in your dream home?

Every Year Can’t Be a Milestone

I sat here looking at a blank page trying to come up with something to say about four years of marriage. And I had nothing, no profound words.

So I turned to Brad with my blogging predicament. His response was, “Well write that. Every year can’t be a milestone. It’s not that we’ve made it to four years, it’s all the things we’ve done in those years.” Continue reading

We Sold Our House!

I struggled to post a couple of blogs for Diabetes Blog Week last week because I was busy doing something else. But please go catch up on what other diabetes bloggers wrote about, it’s good stuff.

So what was I doing?

Brad and I were working out everything to sell our house. Yes, our beautiful first home that we bought at age 23 hit the market.

And sold in FOUR DAYS!!! The average time on market for homes in our area is 88 days. We sold in 4. I can barely believe it.

The best part? Continue reading

Wildcard: Crazy Stories {#DBlogWeek}

I’ve decided not to clean anything out, closet or otherwise, today. So I’m going with the wildcard prompt on crazy stories (in part due to laziness). Here’s the prompt:

Diabetes can sure bring some crazy moments. So tell us your Top 3 craziest D related stories! If you can’t think of three, don’t worry. We’re just as happy with one or two . . . Credit to Maria M of My Life: A Long Trip with T1D for this topic.

I’ve had more than three crazy moments living with diabetes over the past 4ish years. Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. 10 things my diabetes devices have been confused with. I started keeping a list, the craziest thing my OmniPod has been confused with was a tracking device, as asked by a TSA agent in the Atlanta airport. The most awkward was when a kid asked if my OmniPod was to keep me from having babies. The other 8 are reasonably funny too.
  2. The insurance woman who thought I had a daughter, because apparently grown ups can’t have type 1 diabetes. This misconception is part of why I’m so vocal about my adult diagnosis story.
  3. A woman found my OmniPod and helped me find walnuts. This is by far my favorite grocery store encounter! I was thrilled to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right D-device stuck to my arm to help a fellow person with type 1 feel more confident with their insulin pump choices.
  4. My World Diabetes Day airport encounter. I meet people in airports and on planes. It’s great, I just never thought a TSA agent would want to be volunteered to pat me down. That D-mom and I both left the security check point feeling less alone.

Check out the Diabetes Blog Week page to read posts about cleaning things out (metaphorically or literally) and to see some other crazy stories.


I’m open about diabetes…until I’m not (Dblog Week)

#DBlogWeek Post Number 2… can do pretty much anything even though I have diabetes and most of the time I talk about it. But there are somethings that I don’t share. Which brings me to today’s Diabetes Blog Week Topic, proposed by Scott, on the topics and aspects of diabetes that we keep to ourselves.

I’m so open about living with type 1 diabetes that I had to stop and really think about the things that I keep to myself.

There are a few things, but I think the more interesting conversation today is less of what I keep to myself and more why I keep it to myself. Continue reading