It’s Done!

We had our pre-settlement walk through today and out house is done!

Today is day 78 of the build.

We’re off to sign the final papers later today and the keys are ours on Friday, which is good because we’re moving in on Saturday.

The house itself is completely finished, but there are a couple of things they’ll be working on after we move in. The wet weather has delayed grading on the yard, but we won’t be planting that until spring anyway.

80 days from breaking ground to handing over keys.


First selfie in the new house. Locked out until final walk through. #probablybuild

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I’ll post some pictures after we move in.

Genteel Lancing Device {Review}

A few weeks ago, I received a Genteel Lancing device in butterfly blue to test out. (Free product, no compensation, opinions are all mine.)

Genteel calls it the Gentle Lancing Device, which is primarily targeted to children with the goal of alleviating painful finger sticks. In the email that I received, the Genteel device was described as being “for those with diabetes who are reluctant to test because of the pain and fear.”

Regular blood sugar checks haven’t been things that I’ve dreaded for a few years now, but I’m all for making diabetes less painful.

It took some trial and error to find the right tip for my testing, but the basic explanation of Genteel’s pain-free testing is poking through the surface skin into the capillary layer, but not deep enough to hit the nerves. I’ve never done a product review like this before, so I figured I’d break it down into pros and cons according to me.  Continue reading

Weekend Wrap-Up: Appliances, Furniture and Laundry (Oh My!)

This was the first weekend we didn’t have “plans” in a long time. On Friday Brad and I were both dismissed from work early for the weekend, which was nice.

We spent our weekend doing the crazy exciting things that every 20-something wants from a 3-day weekend… shopping for appliances and furniture, and doing laundry. It’s the first Labor Day in a long time that we haven’t been able to grill.

Labor Day is a pretty good time to buy things for a house. Appliance sales rival those of Black Friday. Furniture stores often slash prices as well. (Labor Day isn’t a horrible to purchase a lot of things either…


Brad and I have been looking at appliances online for months now. Our house comes with very basic appliances (range, dishwasher and over the range microwave). We’re self-described appliance snobs, so we want more than the basic and we want stainless. We priced out “upgraded” appliances through the builder and it was unsurprisingly not worth it. We did our research and ended up at Best Buy on Saturday ordering an entire suite of appliances. We’re going with Samsung and getting everything, fridge, dishwasher, microwave, Flex Duo range (yay!), washer and dryer, plus all the cords and connector kits that people forget they need.

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We ended up saving over 40% on all the new appliances and scheduled them for delivery on move-in day. Yay! Here are some tips for appliance shopping: Continue reading

Build Update: Driveway, Drywall and a Dry Basement

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged all week! I also can’t believe it’s September already. September is the month that our house will be finished, it’s also the month that I get to go to Vegas for the first time and the month of my half birthday. Yesterday was also the fourth anniversary of finally moving to Cleveland after months of a grueling hour+ commute to work.

Since I know everyone is really curious about progress on our house, here’s an update!


All of our drywall is hung and they are finishing the mudding by Monday.

People told us two things about this stage of building: 1. Things will seem to slow way down 2. The house will feel a lot smaller.

Things do seem to have slowed down, but I don’t feel like the house feels smaller, it feels more like a house to me! Brad thinks it seems smaller though.

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