A Weekend Wrap Up and New Shades

A weekend wrap-up on Wednesday? You bet!

I would have posted this yesterday but d-blog check prompted me to write about diabetes stuff.

If you follow me on Twitter you probably saw that I have a brand new niece as of last night. As of now, I have three nieces and one nephew. But soon enough, I’ll have a second nephew! He’s still cooking though and won’t be here until the fall. I love being an aunt.

Anyway, I’ve got to tell you about my weekend!


My weekend started off on Friday with the delivery of my brand new, super sweet, complimentary Firmoo sunglasses. The folks at Frimoo offered me a free set of glasses or sunglasses to try out, so I went for a new pair of shades. I got regular sunglasses (this pair to be precise), but they offer prescription sunglasses as well.

I was excited for my sunglasses, but I was extra impressed by what they arrived with. My sunglasses came in a cool map hard-side case with a cleaning cloth, a protective sleeve and a handy tool. I put on my spiffy shades and left work early (yay summer Fridays!) to find my in-laws waiting for me at my house (this was planned in case you were concerned).

We had a nice visit with them and appreciated that they came to see us since they were in Cleveland anyway.

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Managing Diabetes At Work

It’s sad that I have to say this, but completely necessary… I’m not a medical professional, this post (and all others) are not medical advice. I’m simply about to share with you about my experiences managing diabetes at work.

I observed a diabetes chat where readers submitted questions for a doctor and two people from diabetes nonprofits to answer. Someone asked for advice on managing diabetes at work because it is harder for them to manage at work than at home. I know there are no dumb questions when you’re trying to learn, but I couldn’t suppress my reflexive thought of well that’s a dumb question, just do it like you do at home. 

But after some self-scolding, I realized that for some it’s not so easy. To my relief one of the panelists said that management at work or school should be like management at home. Of course, I agree.

Making your health a priority can be tough for people, but the bottom line is that you need to do it. Your health and well being is important, both to you and your employer.

Me at work with my diabetes

I manage my type 1 diabetes at work exactly how I do at home, in this manner:

  • My diabetes bag is within arm’s reach
  • I check my blood sugar regularly and I check my Dexcom frequently
  • I eat when I need to
  • I bring my own healthy food to work (as opposed to going out)
  • I stay hydrated
  • I count carbs
  • I stop what I’m doing when diabetes must be handled

Sure there are extra hurdles to doing this at work instead of in the privacy of my own home, but you’ve got to do it. Continue reading

External Organs

Some of us have to wear our pancreases on the outside of our bodies.

This week, not just one… but three people shared an article about Miss Idaho wearing her insulin pump on stage.

I think Sierra Sandison is awesome for wearing her pump on stage and am sad that she was hesitant to get one sooner, especially since starting on my OmniPod insulin pump was the best decision that I made for my diabetes.

Like every conversation that incorporated diabetes, people said some rude things, but I’m so very happy to see that more people were asking questions and feeling inspired, empowered or comforted by the fact that Sierra was still beautiful wearing an insulin pump. If something you do helps just one person, it is worth doing. Continue reading

Favorite Refashions

I never really cared for #tbt on Facebook or Instagram or whatever but on my blog… I love it! So today, I’m looking back at a few of my favorite refashions…

The Little Black Dress

I love how this one turned out and am actively looking for occasions to wear it! Nothing screams little black dress more than a man’s shirt… right?

See what it used to look like.

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Isn’t that How Marriage Works?

I talk about my husband saving my life and people say, “You’re fortunate to have a husband who loves you so much.”

I blog about my husband having a birthday and people say, “He’s a lucky guy to have a wife like you.”

I discuss the trials my diabetes puts my husband through and people say, “It’s wonderful that you have a husband who cares about your health.”

I share about my husband’s Lasik surgery and people say, “You’re such a good wife for taking care of him.”

and on, and on, and on…

My question is this:

Isn’t that how marriage works? Continue reading