Travel Fiasco Aside, Chicago was Great!

My mom commented that yesterday’s blog on my day-long attempt to get from Cleveland to Chicago sounded like “a series of unfortunate events.” Monday during the day was indeed rough, but I wasn’t kidding when I said Chicago didn’t disappoint!

It was a work trip for not one, but two trade shows (and two clients), but definitely incorporated fun as well. Here are some of the highlights:

  • I made it in time for my client’s party on Monday and their event went well!
  • I had a fantastic dinner with client group 1 at the Chicago Chop House.
  • My room at the Hyatt Regency (at McCormick) got upgraded to a king room on a high floor with fantastic views

    Lake Michigan to the right, city everywhere else

  • All of my meetings went well and my boss was able to cover the one that I missed due to travel trouble. Continue reading

Cleveland to Chicago in 10 Hours

If you have ever driven from Cleveland to Chicago (or reverse), you probably know that it doesn’t take anywhere near 10 hours. And the flight is a whole 45 minutes of air time. But Monday, my journey took 10+ hours.

It started with leaving the house 5 minutes before the security system auto disarms, meaning that I set off the alarm, woke my husband and probably my neighbors, as well as scared my cats.

After getting to the airport it got better ( and by “better” I mean worse). I took a seat in the terminal and plugged in my laptop to do some work. I got notice that my flight was delayed 30 minutes.

While I’m working, I feel my nose start to run so I grab a tissue to wipe it. The tissue came back red, turning into a 10-minute, gusher of a nose bleed surrounded by complete strangers. Using up the whole packet of tissues, I finally got it under control enough to pack my things with one hand and take my trauma to the restroom.

Meanwhile, my flight had been delayed two more times. Then again. For a total delay of nearly six hours.

We got to a point of boarding and I was in a seat, making friends with my seatmates when they kick us all off the plane. The windshield had cracked.

They took a plane from an upcoming flight (which I found out they ended up cancelling) and we finally boarded for real… I could have driven from Cleveland to Chicago in that time!

So then we land. Every plane that had been diverted also landed so we all sat on a hot airplane on the tarmac for almost an hour. Causing me to miss my first meeting.

This Chicago view is keeping me company while I work.

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But Chicago ended up making up for it. Hopefully getting home isn’t as bad as getting here!

One Box

The other day, I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of the UPS delivery man. I was expecting a box… a very large box.

As I held the very large box, I thought about what was inside. Continue reading

Easy DIY Crystal-Look Easter Eggs

With spring around the corner, Easter things are starting to pop up. Today, I have a really simple Easter craft to share with you.

My mother-in-law made these Easter eggs a couple of years ago, they are really cute and super easy to make.

Crystal-Look Easter Eggs

You need:

The Low Buzz

Most of the time, I struggle to pre-bolus for lunch appropriately and end up frustrated because the insulin takes so long to act. The other day, my body served up an unpleasant surprise and a new symptom.

I bolus for lunch 20-30 minutes before I want to eat usually. I took insulin for my lunch and went back to finish the project I’d been working on. Less than 10 minutes later, my arms felt weak and I felt a slight tremble in my stomach muscles.

“I must be dropping,” I thought and checked my Dexcom. It showed 78 with a diagonal arrow down. “Guess I should eat now.”

As I pushed my chair back from my desk, I realized that I couldn’t hear anything but a low-pitched buzzing sound. My music was still playing, but that buzz was not only a sound but a feeling in my head. Then my Dexcom joined in with it’s different tone buzz, sharing double down arrows.

I felt like there was a bubble around my head as I went to go reheat my leftover chili. I didn’t want to wait for the real food to kick in so I popped a piece of candy and had to lean on the table while my food warmed in the microwave.

When I checked my Dexcom again it just said LOW. Continue reading