Main Bath Makeover

Do you remember the ugly thing that I was concerned might be permanently stuck to my wall?

Well it finally came off the brown and green walls.




The Process

First everything came off the walls except for the medicine cabinet, but including the leafy border and vinyl baseboards. Then everything got a new coat of paint, new floors went down and new accessories went up (toilet paper holder, shower curtain bar and towel holder). In the process we also replaced the faucet.

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Easter Eggs

I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

I had a lovely Easter weekend that kicked off with getting a new ‘do.

We arrived at my in-laws’ on Saturday in time to help decorate Easter egg cookies, but not in time to help with bunny butt cookies.

Decorating eggs with my brother-in-law’s girlfriend

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Friday Five: Cornea Corniness

My husband thinks he’s a comedian, so of course correcting his vision gave him all sorts of new jokes and one-liners. Here are a few of his recent zingers:

1. While having a conversation with Brad, he went upstairs which results in raising the conversation volume, but he eventually couldn’t hear me and shouted downstairs, “They fixed my vision, not my hearing!”

2. “The good thing about Lasik is that I can see. The bad thing is that it isn’t going to help me find anything.”

3.“In an odd turn of events I have to put glasses on to go to bed.” (In reference to his sleep goggles) 

4. I conversation we had the morning of my cousin’s wedding:

“Do you want to do the wetting drops first?”

“No, I’d rather do the reception drops.”

5. “It’s really strange to see you in glasses and me without them. Hashtag role reversal.” (For a guy who doesn’t use Twitter, Brad hashtags his own comments a lot!)

Easter celebrations this weekend will be the first time his family has seen him without glasses in nearly 20 years. I”m still trying to decide if I should wear a dress from my closet for Easter or refashion a new one… ah procrastination at its finest!

Have a wonderful weekend and a very happy Easter!

Just Wear the Dress

I’ve gotten reasonably adept at pragmatically placing my pods and sensors so to that for weddings and parties, I can hide them pretty completely. I’ve also been able to covertly carry glucose tabs and a receiver when walking down the aisle.

But sometimes…

You just have to wear the dress you want to wear and accept the fact that people are going to look at  wonder about your butt.

I love my green dress and planned to wear it to my cousin’s wedding the moment I opened their invitation. I could definitely “werk” that dress (please refer to the comments on this blog post if that statement is confusing), but I had a sensor on my butt and I wasn’t about to move my Dexcom for vanity’s sake.

The best part is, no one asked about it because… who is going to approach a stranger and ask, “What’s going on with your butt?”

I quite frankly don’t care how visible my robot parts are in every day life. Sometimes you just need to wear the dress and let people wonder.

(And to be honest, it probably wasn’t even that noticeable!)