Vitality Vox Box Review

It’s time for another VoxBox review…

Influenster sent me a another box of goodies with a health/exercise theme to review and share with you all. If you want to see what was in my box, you can watch my unboxing video. (If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, don’t be disappointed if my voice doesn’t sound the way that you imagined it would!)

Let me start with the star of this box and my new favorite product… Continue reading

Flying on September 11th


When my flight home from Chicago, where I had been for work part of last week, was booked for September 11th, I wasn’t thrilled, but many assured me it would probably be the safest day to fly.

Being in the airport on the anniversary of the 2001 attacks was an interesting experience. I can’t say that looking at Facebook at all during the day was helpful leading up to my flight.

The number of TSA agents and active-duty military in the airport with me, along with the random hand swabbing, made me feel more comfortable. But when an alarm in the airport went off, I know I wasn’t the only one who wondered if they should be worried. It turned out to be a problem with a door that was eventually solved, and the door fixer received a large round of applause from the terminal. Continue reading

#NoPricks Campaign Q&A

I completely over promised and under delivered this week on the blog and for that I’m sorry. I am excited to share this post with you even though it’s late.

A couple of weeks ago, a link to a YouTube video ended up in my inbox and I ignored it figuring that I would watch it later. Then it showed up on Facebook and I had a minute so I watched.

The person who had sent me the link was Devon Grimmé, the guy in the video. As part of the No Pricks campaign, Devon, a healthy-pancreas person, decided to check his blood sugar with a finger stick and inject himself with saline to mimic the testing and injecting that people with diabetes have to do. Here’s the video:

I have to admit that I laughed at Devon struggling with getting the blood on the test strip, it’s so annoying when the strip doesn’t take the sample! It made me remember a time when one of the people who had said, “I couldn’t do that!” asked to check his blood sugar to see what it’s like. It was Brad’s friend Jeremy. Jeremy falls into the tough guy category, and even though he wanted his blood sugar checked, he came to the conclusion that he couldn’t do it himself and I needed to check it for him. Even though I had to stick his finger, he still did it.

Devon gave himself a shot and made himself bleed for more than just the experience, so I figured I should probably talk to him. He agreed to an interview, and here it is: Continue reading

Thoughts While Dexcomless

From living without my Dexcom for weeks while my medical supply company and my doctor’s office seemed unable to pick up the phone and talk to each other, I’ve come to a few conclusions regarding continuous glucose monitoring:

1. Data is incredibly addictive.

2. It’s kind of nice to only have one device attached to my body at a time.

3. Insurance policies and doctors are not truly concerned with PWDs living long and healthy lives with the use of a CGM. They are interested in us not dying from sudden low glucose. A long trail of high bgs leading to organ damage and neuropathy seem to be no concern however and apparently the insurance will pay for the treatment of complications, but not prevention. An ounce of prevention is apparently not worth a pound or two of someone’s leg or hours in dialysis. The medical determinations that lead my plan to only cover a CGM with evidence of hypoglycemic unawareness and for no other reasons are utterly ridiculous. But their disease management program wants to know if I’ve had a blood sugar reading over 170 in the last 6 months. I have type 1 diabetes and without a CGM of-freaking-course I have!

Now that I’m back on my Dexcom I sleep better, I’m more comfortable driving and I worry less. I wasn’t kidding when I told Matt at Mashable that my CGM has saved my life.

Yes it’s another thing that I have to stick in myself, but it makes living with diabetes just a little easier. Surprisingly after this CGM vacation, inserting the sensor didn’t hurt the way I expect it to!

You may have seen a video circulating the Diabetes Online Community of a guy who doesn’t have diabetes checking his blood sugar and injecting saline… if not you can watch it here: Anyway, he agreed to talk with me and I’ll have that interview for you tomorrow.

Recipe: Easy Roasted Tomatoes

I love tomatoes… which is weird because I don’t like tomato sauces.

A couple of weeks ago, Brad and I were grilling balsamic pork chops for dinner and I had some Campari tomatoes that needed to be eaten. Inspired by the tomato that accompanies a plate of eggs on the cruise ship, I started slicing the tomatoes in half and developed this recipe:

Easy Roasted Tomatoes


– small tomatoes such as Campari or plum, but larger probably work too

– dressing – I used Italian dressing

What you do: Continue reading