Cat(s) Vs. Mouse: Vox Box Review

I felt very special the day that a bright yellow box showed up for me the cats. This whole pile of packages was addressed to me.

Influenster sent Holmes and Watson a pet-focused Temptations cat treat box with the Snack Mouse toy. You can see the unboxing video and a little about how my cats reacted to it on my YouTube channel here. Continue reading

In-a-Pinch Glucose Meter: TRUE2go

This is NOT a sponsored post. 

TRUE2Go, from Rite Aid, saved my bacon this Easter. We had an early Saturday morning making, so we packed up what we thought we’d need for the next 36-ish hours on Friday night. For me that included two extra pods, even though I expected to be home by pod change time on Sunday.

Whenever you pack for even one night away from home, never trust your memory on the number of test strips that you have in your purse. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be wrong.

On Saturday when I went to test and bolus for lunch, I realized that I had four strips in my vial. I check my blood sugar 8-10 times a day and holidays or eating out can really screw me up causing me to test more often. Four strips were not going to last me through the next day. Continue reading

Champagne and Chandeliers

love the GE Chandelier at Playhouse Square (which happens to be the world’s largest outdoor chandelier). So when a coworker offered me his tickets to attend Champagne Under the Chandelier, I jumped at the opportunity.

The event rounded out Cleveland Week of Wine and benefited WVIZ/Ideastream. Inside the Idea Center, three rooms were set up with more different types of champagne than I’ve ever seen in my life and local Cleveland food. Continue reading

Approaching Easter with a Medical Condition

“Do you need to bolus for this?” Brad whispered in my ear as the communion plates were passed down the pew.

It was my first Easter with type 1 diabetes and I was still pretty new to OmniPod. Easter fell on an arm-pod day so I threw on a cardigan to cover the pod (not something I would worry about now) for the Easter Sunday service at my husband’s family church.

I was so conscious of the pod on my arm. So aware of the lump in my sweater sleeve, concerned about the clack that it made when I bumped it on the pew. When communion came around, I chose not to bolus. The decision was made primarily due to what I believe would be disruptive beeping from my pod and partly because I had no idea how many carbs were in the symbolic body and blood of Christ.

Now, I truly don’t care if I beep during church. Don’t mind if people see my pump, I might even match it to my dress like last year. I will bolus for communion if I feel I need to. But honestly, some of the religious rituals that we observe are made more complicated due to living with a medical condition, such as diabetes or Celiac disease. (Typically communion wafers or bread are not gluten free.)

I still fear a pod failing in church and emitting the ear-piercing screech during the quiet moments of spiritual reflection. I worry that my Dexcom will alert during prayer. I don’t want my medical problems to impact the worship of others, but I also need to care for the body I’ve been given and care less about the judgement from others (i.e. the concern that people think I’m texting when I’m really bolusing).

At the end of the day, God knows better than I even do what’s going on in my body and what my needs are, so regardless of whether everyone else understands, He does.

Travel Fiasco Aside, Chicago was Great!

My mom commented that yesterday’s blog on my day-long attempt to get from Cleveland to Chicago sounded like “a series of unfortunate events.” Monday during the day was indeed rough, but I wasn’t kidding when I said Chicago didn’t disappoint!

It was a work trip for not one, but two trade shows (and two clients), but definitely incorporated fun as well. Here are some of the highlights:

  • I made it in time for my client’s party on Monday and their event went well!
  • I had a fantastic dinner with client group 1 at the Chicago Chop House.
  • My room at the Hyatt Regency (at McCormick) got upgraded to a king room on a high floor with fantastic views

    Lake Michigan to the right, city everywhere else

  • All of my meetings went well and my boss was able to cover the one that I missed due to travel trouble. Continue reading