My Phone Pouch – a Solution when You Need a Pocket

Women’s and girls clothes need pockets. Real ones, you know that you can actually put things in. Right now pockets are being touted as special features in some women’s clothing, when in fact they should be standards. Until clothing designers catch up with that need  demand we’re stuck working around the problem by sewing pockets into our dresses, making pocket garters for under dresses, or using a handy invention like MyPhonePouch.

I had the opportunity to connect with Allison, the mother behind the brilliant invention call MyPhonePouch, and learn more about her product as well as give her feedback on ways that it could be used by people with diabetes. Allison gave me my very own pouches to try out – one in each size: small, medium and large.

The Pockets

My Phone Pouch gives you a pocket (actually 6 pockets) for any bottoms you’re wearing. The pouch works with a counter-weight system where you stick one side of the pouch that holds a weight on the inside of you pants/shorts/skirt/etc waistband and you place your phone, or other item, in the pocket that hangs outside.

Recognize the socks?

The pouches are made of soft, stretchy material and come in 5 sizes to fit most any portable device. They are also available in a several colors and range in price from $29.99 – $39.99 depending on what you select.


I have several friends who have dropped their phones toilets – every time the cause has been pocket related. Whether it was having the phone in a back pocket that was just too small and their phone slipped out when they pulled up their pants or they were trying to balance the phone on something or hold it to them and it fell in. These costly, annoying and gross accidents could be avoided with an adequate pocket for your phone.

A medium pouch fit my iPhone X great! I have it in a very slim 12South case with 2 slots for cards. For a bulkier case or a wallet style case you’d need a size large. I found this extra convenient for doing work around the house because I could keep my phone (and Dexcom receiver by default) with me comfortably.

I also loved being able to have my phone out in the yard with me playing music while I worked on revamping our sad mulch beds.

Insulin Pumps & Other Diabetes “Stuff”

Being able to keep my PDM with me around the house and when I’m not carrying my diabetes bag is also a benefit. The OmniPod PDM fits well in a large pouch – it’s a bit of a squeeze with my rubberized skin but it still holds it.

Allison and I talked through some of the sizes of insulin pumps on the market and it seems that most of them would fit well in a medium pouch, some could fit in a small pouch. If you wanted to carry your pump plus other supplies, sizing up would be a good idea. The My Phone Pouch team is happy to consult on the best size to order for your needs.

I’m in several type 1 diabetes groups on Facebook and constantly see people looking for recommendations on carrying supplies with them without needing a purse, fanny pack or other large bag.

This pocket substitute is a great way to do that. Especially with children who need to have a Dexcom receiver on them or even carry fast acting glucose.

For dress and skirt wearers, these could come in handy as well when worn on underwear (pick a pair that won’t slide down with some weight!), shorts, tights or body shapers under the skirt.

Other Stuff 

Beyond electronics and diabetes stuff, there are several other applications for this cool product. Inhalers for people who live with asthma spring to mind. An inhaler would fit perfectly in a small pouch. The large pouch also works well for a Holter monitor. I’ve also used it to carry dog waste clean up bags when walking Stella. There are probably endless things you could carry in it.

A friend of mine shared on Facebook the other day that her daughter was upset that she didn’t have pockets in her pants to carry important things … like rocks. So you just never know.

I also like that the pouches are made here in the U.S. (Atlanta) and they strive to minimize the packaging, the packaging it comes with is supposed to be eco friendly and they maximize their patterns to use as much of each bolt of fabric as possible. You may not be aware of it, but textile waste in our society is huge, so this is important. Finally, they stay on brand with their social good efforts by donating to marsupial charities.

Bottom Line

These pouches totally fill a need in the market and in my own life. But in the interest of full disclosure, they can can look awkward. My main use for the pouches is around the house or the yard, so those aren’t times I’m trying to look stylish, however I feel like they could be pulled off with some outfits with a fair amount of ease, or even completely hidden.

Check out to try for yourself.

I received 3 My Phone Pouches free of charge in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

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