The Caroler Coat Refashion

Many years ago I was given a vintage dress coat that swept all the way down to my ankles. It was a pretty gray wool with a dark velvet collar and it flared out into a skirt at the bottom. I called it my caroler coat because it reminded me of something a stereotypical Victorian caroler would wear.

Just give me a muff and bonnet and I’m ready spread cheer through off-key holiday songs.

I constantly opt for my other warm wool winter coat because this one was not entirely practical. The coat’s skirt was stiff and full making driving difficult and who wants their coat dragged through the snow anytime it reaches your ankle?

I decided I was going to make this dress coat modern-dress friendly, so that meant shortening it. Honestly this isn’t really a refashion, it’s a hem. But it drastically changed the look for the coat so I say it counts.

For the new length, I decided it should fall at my knees. I marked off the length, which ended up being 10 inches shorter and cut it with my pinking shears.

Next, I hand stitched the hem with a heavy-duty, curved needle.

Next I cut the lining to length and hemmed it as well. And… Ta da!

It was perfect timing too. I wore my new shorter Caroler coat to the PRSA Rocks Awards at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame/ It was nice to have the cozy coat with the cold winds coming off of Lake Erie.

And at the awards we took home two bronze and one silver for three different public relations projects.

It was a good first wear of the coat, I look forward to wearing it more this winter and in the coming months.

4 thoughts on “The Caroler Coat Refashion

    • I have refashioned refashions before! lol It would look cute with a belt. The main reason I didn’t go shorter was to keep it about the same length as my dresses to protect against the harsh winter wind

  1. The refashioned coat looks great! I was happy to see how you redid the hem, and would love to learn more about how you refastened the lining…after hemming it…or does it just hang loose?

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