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I love this link up! Having just returned from a wonderful vacation and needing to dig out of everything that happened at work, with my family and on this blog it’s a great way for me to continue the awesome aspects of being on vacation… so here’s my 10 Awesome Things from my vacation:

1. The magic of Disney.

2. Leaving 37-degree weather for 80-degree weather.

3. Sneaky photos that make us look like celebrities. 

4. Luggage that comes out on the conveyor in under 2 minutes.

5. My husband commenting that the chilled fruit soup is so good, he could drink it through a straw… and our server actually bringing it to us with straws! 

6. Turning off work emails.

7. Green drinks. 

8. Recreating a statue. 

9. Watching the sunset over the ocean from your balcony.

10. This picture: 

We had an awesome vacation that included a lot, visiting friends and family in Florida, going to Disney (both Epcot and the Magic Kingdom), Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues and then a western Caribbean cruise.

What’s your favorite (awesome) vacation memory?

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9 thoughts on “Awesome – Vacation Style

  1. Looks like a fantastic trip!! Turning off work emails is definitely something that falls under ‘awesome’ – I didn’t do it nearly enought when I was working! And when your luggage is the first one to come down the belt, that is a pretty lucky feeling haha

  2. Write in vote for #11 – Enjoying a family vacation with people you love and genuinely enjoy being with so much that we would all “choose” to vacation together! Nice pics Rachel. It definitely was a great trip!

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