Friday Five: Grilling

Tomorrow marks the first official day of summer! Although I’ve already spent a fair amount of time enjoying summer activities, soaking up the sun and cursing my awkwardly sunburned knees.

Yesterday, my office took a field trip and attended the Cleveland Indians v. Los Angeles Angels game at Progressive Field, that ended with an exciting 2-out grand slam in the 10th inning. (I sound like I know something about sports!) I came out of the game with some really red knees though… Oh well! Live and learn and slather more sunscreen on next time.

This weekend though, we’re ringing in summer with one of our favorite activities… grilling.

You’ve got to really like grilling to get a monster like this!

You may not know that grills are good for more than cooking up hamburgers and hot dogs, here’s out weekend grill line up:

1. The Classics: Hamburgers and hot dogs. We have friends in from out of town this weekend so we’ll be fixing up some barbecue classics.

2. Corn on the cob. Grilled corn on the cob is probably the best way to enjoy corn. If you soak the still husk-cover corn in water then place on the grill, the kernels steam and it’s pretty great.

3. Chicken. Grilled chicken is a classic at our house and is on Sunday’s menu.

4. Potatoes. I’m sure that there are many ways to cook potatoes on the grill, but my favorite is in foil packets. I thinly slice potatoes and lay them on foil, mist with olive oil and lightly salt/pepper then close the foil into a packet and throw it on the grill. Some people like to also put peppers and onions in with their potatoes.

5. Asparagus. This is best on a top grill rack not being directly touched by flames.

Although not on the weekend menu, we also like to grill thin-sliced pork chops, peaches, pineapple, sausage/bratwurst, kabobs and Brad enjoys grill fish of several kinds.

Some of last summer’s great grillin’

What’s your favorite thing to grill?

Anything fun planned for the first official weekend of summer?

5 thoughts on “Friday Five: Grilling

  1. We grill pizza (heat the pizza stone on the grill first) and I tried a foil packet with broccoli that turned out FANTASTIC (just as oil and seasoning- tried the same with cauliflower but personally preferred the broccoli). We also brown and smoke chuck roast or pork shoulder that gets put into the crock pot for barbacoa and pulled pork. It adds an awesome new dimension of flavor!

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  3. I’m practically drooling just at the sight of your grill. It’s a monster! So far my husband has cooked some steak on our grill, but I’m looking forward to trying lots of knew recipes this summer. Foil packet recipes are the best! I’ve been looking through Pinterest to find good grilling recipes.

    Thank you for linking up!

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