You’d think I’d remember by now


Scene: We are eating out with a couple of our friends. Our food arrives and we start eating.

Five minutes later….

Me: Crap! I forgot to take my insulin.

I quickly test and inject.


Scene: Brad and I have sat down to eat dinner on a Sunday evening and I start in on my salad.

Brad: Did you already bolus?

Me: Not yet

I test, bolus and continue my dinner.

I’ve been doing this for almost six months now. The first couple of months I was hyper-focused on what I was putting into my body (food and insulin). Then, I got more comfortable and it became like second nature to just do it. Now, I think I’ve gotten too comfortable. The whole process continues to get more routine the longer I do it, that sometimes I don’t even think about it. That’s also about the time that I start forgetting (thankfully, I haven’t completely forgotten to take insulin for a meal).

Every once in awhile, I’ll be somewhere that there’s food and I start wishing for my pre-diabetes life back. The life in which I could eat anything I want and not be judged (by myself and others), the life were I could go out with my friends and order a drink without worrying about what was in it, the life where I could go somewhere without over packing my purse with medical supplies and the life where my husband and I could decide to do something without my blood being involved.

Several other Type 1 bloggers that I read have mentioned not really remembering life before diabetes. I very vividly remember my pre-diabetes life and I miss it. Then I remind myself that living with diabetes is better than the alternative.


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