Wedding Band Rebellion

I must be a rebel. I wear my rings in the wrong order!

There are a lot of not traditional trends in weddings and marriages theses days so I’m sure I’m not alone.

I’ve been asked by a couple of brides-to-be why I wear my rings this way and I typically answer that there are two thought processes.

Thought Process 1

I found out “Traditionally, the wedding ring is put on first so it is closest to your heart” {source} And the internet suggested that at the wedding, the bride should wear her engagement ring on her right hand during the ceremony and move it to her left after the wedding {source}.

Thought Process 2

This is my thought process. Way back in 2009, when Brad asked me to marry him, he put this ring on my finger as a promise to marry me, so I wore it as a symbol of the promise the entire time we were engaged. On our wedding day, I wore on the same finger where he’d placed it more than a year and a half before… and there it stays. My engagement ring is a promise, my wedding ring is also a promise. But it also  symbolizes the fulfillment of a promise. So I wear it after my engagement ring because it sealed that promise.

I love my rings and I love my husband’s ring. They’re more than just jewelry.

Even though it’s weird wearing even just an engagement ring at first, after awhile the ring becomes part of you. When I was putting on my rings one morning, I looked at my hand with just my engagement ring on it and it looked weirdly empty.

It was oddly timely that fellow blogger, Carrie, mentioned naked fingers in a post this week.

Some people experience the naked feeling without watches or earrings also. Is there something that you wear that you feel naked without?

7 thoughts on “Wedding Band Rebellion

  1. I have worn a Timex Ironman watch on my left wrist every day since I was a sophomore in high school, so around 8 years. The most recent battery just died, and I haven’t gone to get a new one, so I’ve been wearing a dead watch around for a couple weeks because I feel weird without it. Also, over Christmas break, one of the stones fell out of the birthstone ring my parents got me for my 19th birthday (luckily, I found the stone!) and while it’s being repaired I haven’t felt right because I’ve worn it every day since I got it.

    I definitely understand what you mean about getting used to the engagement ring though! It took me about a month to feel seemed so heavy and crazy at first but now I feel weird without it.

  2. Strange you post this today–I was exhausted last night, and after getting out of the shower, I forgot to put my engagement ring back on…I’ve only had it for a month, and I felt naked without it, and also a little sad. Funny how those things work. =)

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