Summer Lovin’ Weekend Wrap Up

It’s officially summer! Is anyone else as excited about this fact as I am?

I’m posting my weekend wrap-up on Wednesday, which might be a blogging sin, but oh well! Over the weekend we celebrated the beginning of summer with a whole slew of newlyweds (married for 10 months, 1 1/2 months and 1 month) we were the old married folks in the room yard.

We grilled up the goodies that I mentioned in my post on Friday, except for the potatoes because the potatoes I bought had blight. (A really gross fungus that isn’t visible from the outside so cut open your potatoes dear readers and avoid the ick.) On Saturday it was the gathering of the K-Couples. All of our last names start with “K” now, we are all homeowners, T-Mobile customers and cat owners… we also all suck at Ladder Golf if we’re being honest.

It was so nice to get together and have friends who had moved away get back together at our place.

Since Mrs. K #3 would be celebrating her birthday on Sunday, we lit some candles in bunch of cupcakes and sang to her. Thanks to the Mr. K who she married, my neighbors may shoot the next person who decided to sing “Happy Birthday” outside of their home in my neighborhood. I videoed it, but it might be too painful to watch!

We also threw some logs in a bowl and roasted some marshmallows for s’mores.

My friends all made fun of me for bringing out a jar of peanut butter since I like PB on my s’mores. Then someone said, “I once tried to make a s’more with a Reese’s Cup,” which was responded to with, “That’d taste good!”

They wanted to make s’mores with Reese’s Cups and I put peanut butter on my s’mores?

Yeah, I’m weird.

Not as weird as Jeremy, who made a cupcake s’more.

Sunday was a much more low-key lunch cookout with the newest of the newlyweds… my mom.

I think we kicked summer off in an excellent style and I look forward to more outdoor fun and grilled goodness this summer.

How did you get your summer started?

Do you like “weird” s’mores?


4 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’ Weekend Wrap Up

  1. I’m totally as excited about the start of summer as you are! I’m glad you all had a nice week-end. I love roasting marshmallows sometimes, and that was a funny story about Mr K #3 singing “Happy birthday”.

    • S’mores are marshmallows roast over a fire then sandwiched between two graham crackers with a piece of chocolate. Some people, such as myself, enjoy peanut butter on the crackers.

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