Summer Sandal Steals

At the end of every summer I buy clearance flip flops for the next year. I can be confident that they won’t go out of style because flip flops have been a summer staple since I was a child. Instead of getting the $1-$2 foam and rubber flip flops of years past, I decided to get a couple more quality pairs.

Last night we went to Target to pick up some things for our vacation and I spent quite awhile sifting through the shoe department clearance. I have to say, I have never seen such a disorganized department at Target before! But with the discounted sandals, I can’t complain too much!

I bought three pairs:

The green pair was actually from the kids’ department, but they fit great and were 70% off! The other two pairs came out to about 50% off.

I’m not waiting until next summer to wear them though. I’m packing them in my suitcase and taking them on vacation! I might also be wearing a pair today….

 If I know I’ll need to replace a summer item like the sandals or a bathing suit, shopping the end of the season for deals lets me get cute stuff and cuter prices. The next season, when you pull the new item out to use it, it’s like getting a present from yourself!

I also started using the Cartwheel app from Target. It probably needs some improvement because it crashes the first time I open it… every time. But I redeemed a coupon on it last night and saved a few bucks which is cool.

Do you have any seasonal shopping tricks?

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