Not cooking by the book and a recipe for grilled peaches

I alter recipes right and left. I’m not a careful measurer of certain ingredients. And if I make it a few times, I don’t even bother with digging the recipe out of my box.

In short…. I drive my husband crazy.

When Brad was going to grill steaks at home for Valentine’s Day, he looked up the exact seasoning and temperature to grill at. He did the same thing for pork chops, chicken burgers, brats, corn, etc. I get it. I understand the desire to find the steps for a guaranteed positive outcome. It’s not always the way I work though.

I wanted to grill peaches since a) they’re in season and b) I’ve heard they’re good  but never had them. I looked at several recipes to get ideas of how to season them and get specifics on heat/time. In my opinion, grilled peaches are a side and not a dessert so most of the recipes that included sugar, ice cream and honey got nixed. Here’s how we ended up doing the peaches (Brad is the griller… I just help):


  • 2 peaches
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Fresh pepper


  1. Cut peaches into large chunks. I tried to do even halves but couldn’t get the peaches to come apart around the pit so I ended up cutting them into fifths.
  2. Pour balsamic vinegar into a shallow bowl. I used a custard cup but a measuring cup or prep bowl would work well. For two peaches I used about 1/4 cup of balsamic vinegar and had too much left over.
  3. Add pepper to vinegar. About three turns of the pepper grinder for us.
  4. Brush peaches with vinegar.
  5. Place on grill at a medium heat.
  6. Turn regularly while brushing more vinegar/pepper onto peaches.
  7. In about five minutes your peaches should be done. Remove them from the grill and drizzle one some more vinegar.

Even if the peaches get a bit crisped/black on the outside the insides will be sweet and juicy. We enjoyed ours will grilled pork chops and grilled corn on the cob.

What types of foods do you grill? How closely do you follow recipes?


5 thoughts on “Not cooking by the book and a recipe for grilled peaches

  1. I generally look up recipes for a reference or a basis but if I have cooked something similar I will add in things or change things. I can cook most basic things, especially meats like chicken and beef, so I play with them a lot. I’m getting pretty good at cooking but I’m a better baker and I play with those ingredients a lot. I’m confident in my knowledge and skills so I have fun with it!

  2. Did you know – there are two types of peaches – freestone, and all the others where the flesh sticks to the pit (aka stone). I learned this about 10 years ago, and now I always ask if the peaches are freestone or not. Sometimes I am told they are “semi-freestone” whatever that means – the flesh still sticks to the pit! I suspect the majority of peaches you find in the grocery store are regular peaches… I buy mine at the farmers market now, or get them from my freestone peach tree out back when they are in season. 🙂

      • I was just about to tell you this too! For us, the peach varieties that are in season earlier (now) are cling. In a couple weeks our freestone varieties will be ready. I’m not sure if it’s like this for all producers in this region or if it just happens to be the types that we have planted though.

        I’m planning on grilling tonight…I’m thinking peaches may be on the menu now!

  3. Those sound delicious! I’m like you… read five recipes then wing it. My spouse hates it when I can’t exactly replicate something that turned out amazing, because I only have a rough idea of the quantities that I used.

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