Weekend Five

In case anyone was really missing a Friday Five post last week, here’s my excuse for missing AND a wrap up of my weekend in five neat bullet points.

1. On Friday morning I took my bespectacled and slightly nervous husband to the Lasik Vision Centers of Cleveland. He walked in with 20/800 vision and walked out with his glasses in my purse. I’ll write more about his experience (and mine) later, but on Friday Brad had eye surgery that has already changed his life. And, on Friday I watched Brad have eye surgery!

The last picture with glasses

2. On Friday evening after Brad’s long nap and a long-ish day working from home, my aunt and cousin were in the area so they dropped by and we introduced them to B Spot.

3. On Saturday we headed off to Pittsburgh for my cousin’s wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony and fun reception. My extended family was full of compliments on Brad’s new glasses-less look as well. Plus I got to see my mom dance… including doing the Twist and the Cupid Shuffle. My momma’s got some moves!

Rocking the glasses-free look

4. On Sunday afternoon, I picked up items in preparation for my mom’s bridal shower next weekend. I’m excited and nervous at the same time to host it at my house. It’ll be the first time I’ve gotten to see my sisters since finding out that they’re both expecting and they’re cute when they’re pregnant!

5. We met up with our friends for dinner on Sunday for an overdue catch up on life. At the booth behind us, there was a woman with two children under the age of three. We’d finished our meal and paid our bill, when the lady got up and took one of the children to the restroom and left the other completely unattended at the table. I could hardly believe my eyes when this woman left her toddler alone in the booth of a moderately busy restaurant. No one but us seemed to notice that the lady left a very small child alone and she was gone for five minutes. Folks, all it takes is 30 seconds for someone to take a child. It doesn’t take that long for a kid to wander off either. We stayed in our booth with an eye on the child until the mother returned. I get that two little kids can be tough to deal with in the restroom, but it’s far better to keep both kids in your sight. There are three things I hope for after that experience:

  • That the mother never does that again. (I do wonder if we should have said something to her, but lecturing a strange mom on parenting in a public place didn’t feel right)
  • That the mom’s drink was iced tea and not alcoholic because the abandoned child drank from her mom’s glass while left alone
  • That parents realize, there will not always be a booth of responsible young adults next to you when you walk away from your child. Keep them in sight.

How was your weekend?


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    • Thanks! I love that dress! I’ve started writing down things about his experiences and my observations, but we’re technically on day 3 post-surgery so I don’t think it’s quite time yet to write a post.

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