Happiness Is…

I’m getting over a cold or something that involves sinuses and a scratchy throat, plus coming off three nights of consecutive nosebleeds. I think I need a little happy in my life right now.

So I took on Sarah and Erin’s challenge to sit down and compose a list of 32 things that make me happy.

32 is a pretty big number, but I can do it!

Thing that make me happy: (in no particular order)

  1. This guy:

    Photo by J Bauer Productions

  2. Sunshine
  3. My new blue scarf
  4. Hot coffee
  5. Dark chocolate
  6. Kitty snuggles

    Legs need hugs too!

  7. Celebrating with family
  8. Celebrating with friends

    Photo by J Bauer Productions

  9. Wrapping presents
  10. Good hair days
  11. Making dinner on the grill
  12. In-range blood sugar
  13. Nieces and nephews 
  14. Handwritten cards
  15. Rubber duckies

    (and college road trips to my parents’ house)

  16. Fuzzy socks
  17. Mint tea
  18. Coming home to delicious food in the crock pot
  19. Saturday morning coffee time with my husband
  20. Peanut butter
  21. Successful refashions 
  22. Happy clients
  23. Burying my toes in sand
  24. The sounds of waves
  25. Good aim 
  26. A good night’s sleep
  27. Finding things with my dad’s handwriting on them
  28. Vintage photographs
  29. City skylines
  30. Comfortable high heels
  31. Social media
  32. Achieving goals

    Reached the top and rang the bell

I take it back… 32 is not that big of a number. This list kind of just wrote itself. In fact, I’d like to add a few more because I can:

  • The smell of fresh baked cookies
  • A nice glass of wine 
  • New wreaths on the front door
  • Burning candles
  • Blogging
  • Good conversations
  • Breezy dresses
  • Pretty painted toenails

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