Longing For Spring

Yesterday I:

  • heard that seasonal [low] temperature records had been broken.
  • slipped on the ice.
  • had to wear my heavy coat, scarf and gloves.
  • swerved all over the Cleveland streets to avoid potholes larger than my first car.

I’m longing for spring to finally… well spring!

As a kid, my birthday used to signal the beginning for spring for me. I seriously think the weather patterns have changed because it feels like the older I get, the colder March 8th gets.

I’m looking forward to trading in my boots for peep toe wedges (heck, I’ll settle for ballet flats) and trading in my sweaters for shorter sleeves and lighter materials.

I’m looking forward to flowers blooming and seeing grass again. Heck, I’m looking forward to rain.

I want this back…


3 thoughts on “Longing For Spring

  1. Really? My birthday’s just three days (and, I suspect, a lot of years) before yours and I’ve never seen it to signal the start of spring. But happy birthday nonetheless, and watch out for the potholes! I share your sentiments on that…

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