Summer in March

The crazy nice weather this winter has not gone unnoticed. I just can’t help myself but to talk about it.

For once, the weather is a legitimate conversation topic and not just small talk!

The past two weekends, Brad and I have enjoyed spending time outside and leaving our windows open. It’s still technically winter, but the temps are creeping into the upper 70s. I’ve actually worn shorts twice! We’ve already enjoyed a backyard barbeque with our friends.

If it decides to be winter again, there will be a lot of bummed out people.

But for a little perspective… Brad took this picture on March 8, 2008 when I got a blizzard for my birthday.

That’s a skier on a city street

I snapped a picture of my friend’s pitcher of sugar free strawberry lemonade on Friday (March 16th), complete with sunshine and an evening temperature in the 70s.

Are you taking advantage of nice weather?


5 thoughts on “Summer in March

  1. I am LOVING this weather, too! It’s having a strange side effect on my subconscious though. Several times over the last two weeks I have totally forgotten what month/season we’re in. One day I thought it was December. The next day I thought it was July. Then September. Then May. I’ll sit there for a moment, perplexed, until I remember ‘oh yea, it’s March!’ I’m not usually such a scatter-brain so I have to blame it on the weather!

  2. I spent time this weekend in shorts and a t-shirt reading D-literature on my front porch. I think Kansas skipped winter and spring cuz it sure feels like summer.

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