The Orchid

This winter Brad gave me a crimson lip orchid. I decided to take it to work so I could enjoy it on a daily basis and ensure that it received sunlight and watering (I’m not the best with plants and I have a resilient plant at home that is somehow still alive after over a month of forgetting to water it).

I received my orchid in full, beautiful bloom. But as is the nature of plants, the blooms shrivel and fall off eventually.



After all of the flowers had lost their heads, I noticed on little bud at the end of the otherwise naked, potted stick. Last week I began to doubt the greenness of my thumb because the bud hadn’t blossomed. By Monday, it was still a tight lip orchid. Before heading home I decided that Tuesday would be pruning day and I’d cut the branch down to it would hopefully decide to blossom in the future.

Tuesday morning, my little bud was split with a tiny bit of crimson lip visible. When I returned from lunch on Tuesday afternoon, the bud was mostly open.



Today, I have one beautiful bloom.

Moral of the story: Plants respond well to threats.

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