You’re Allowed to Have Bad Day

It seemed that a lot of my friends were having a rough go of it today. My heart goes out to you all for everything you’re dealing with today.

I recently heard someone say that they were taught that you’re allowed to have a bad day, but you’re not entitled to ruin anyone else’s. I really liked that. And it seemed that a lot of you, my dear friends, are dealing with the bad days that others are having.

Things are going pretty well at the moment, so I feel like sharing some sunshine (even though it’s a cloudy day in Cleveland).

Here are some things that are making me happy today and how they can help you be happy:

  • Things are going well for the people that I love, my husband is happy, my mom is thriving, etc (being happy for others makes you happy)


    Helpful Kitty

  • My kittens are adorable (it’s been proven that petting an animal reduces stress, let me know if you need to borrow a snuggly kitty)

Hiding Kitty

  • There was hot coffee this morning (it’s the small things)
  • I enjoyed Orange Chicken and blood sugars below 180 last night (all the taste and no negative repercussions)

What rays of sunshine can you hold onto today?


One thought on “You’re Allowed to Have Bad Day

  1. Happiness or good moods are definitely contagious at times. I wasn’t unusually happy yesterday however I did enjoy a good 45-50 minute Zumba workout that was so much fun! And I did get my car back from being repaired so it looks like new again.
    And of course, today being Friday, especially half way through the work day is a huge plus for today! 🙂

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