A Quarter’s Worth

Celebrating Brad’s birthday 13 days ahead of mine (2 whole weeks on a leap year!) gives me a little time to prepare for my upcoming age. We were discussing how when you’re a kid, nearly every birthday is a big milestone, then the teenage and young adult stuff (13, 16, 18, 21) and 25 is pretty much the last big birthday before 30… then 40… then 50… then 60… then 70… then 80 and after 80, every birthday becomes milestone again.

Anyway, here’s a quarter-of-a-century’s worth of Friday Five thoughts:

1. I realized how long ago I graduated from high school last week after multiple encounters with teenagers. I also confirmed, that no, I never want to be that age again!

2. I got a new driver’s license. My old one wasn’t that old because I got it when I changed my name and I had a really good picture. When I told the lady at the BMV that I was sorry to give up the good picture, she assured me that she’d get me a new picture that’s just as good.

3. Scheduling your annual physical around your birthday makes it easy to remember. I had a physical on Friday and saw the resident first. After going through the mill with the resident (best resident experience so far though!) he went to get my primary care doctor.

My exam room was right across from the workstation so I could sort of hear them talking about me before coming into the room. The resident was discussing his questions and preliminary exam with Dr. S and I heard Dr. S say, “She’s only three years in and has outstanding management.” Outstanding. Why that felt better than getting an A on a test, I don’t know. When they came in the room to finish up with me, Dr. S told me that I’m doing an excellent job taking care of my health and complimented my motivation. The bottom line is that at the end of the day, I have to live with in my body so I should take care of it!

4. Getting job-related birthday cards is fun! My boss gave me this birthday card today:

Inside: It’s your birthday. Like it. Share it. Post it. Tweet it. But most of all, enjoy it! 😉

5. My indecisiveness hasn’t lessened with age. I still have no idea where I want to go or what I want to do tomorrow!


What are you up to this weekend?

I got a lovely email this week after posting Get Uncomfortable from T1D Active Living asking if she could mention my story from that post, she actually walked through an inflatable colon once and it prompted her to share about colon cancer awareness, I highly recommend that you give it a read!

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