Back From Vacation & May Reads

I’m working on settling back into a routine after a long weekend celebrating our 3rd anniversary (which is actually tomorrow!).

I’m now that I’m back to work, the fact that I’m back from vacation got majorly rubbed in by links to vacation articles in the various email newsletters I receive. Article titles like “Why Taking a Vacation Can Make You Better At Your Job” (here’s the link to that.) and “Don’t Set Yourself Up For a Stressful Vacation” just say to me: Hey Rachel! You’re not on vacation anymore!

It was good for us though, very nice to get away for a couple of days, just the two of us. I know that sounds weird because we don’t have kids so it’s usually just the two of us, but often when we travel there’s family or friends involved… which is a good thing. But as far as anniversary travel goes, I liked it being just us.

Anyway, we had a great time and I’ll blog about that later.

Here’s a sneak peek:


Onto the May Reads!

This infographic on the crazy things people Google is just a little unsettling, slightly frightening, kind of sad and pretty funny… all at once. The things that people search on the internet are usually pretty entertaining, here are some my my favorite search terms that have brought people right here to

  • “my place is my home, my family, they say. do you agree?” (Not one, but two people used that exact search term and landed here!)
  • rsvp rules” (Just do it. That’s the rule. Respond in the manner listed yes or no.)
  • air force one menu”
  • pencil skirt pee”
  • smashed windshield” (That’s a popular image search that drops everyone at this post.)
  • crude baby shower ideas” (Yes, but no.)
  • nordstrom dusters”
  • cfaf chiken felt”

Different things cause us to shed tears, Rose-Lynn Fisher decided to see how her different tears looked under a microscope. The results are kind of amazing. Check out her photos in her Topography of Tears project.

Sh*t People Say to People With Diabetes, although I find this video really funny, I’ve had most of those things said to me… which is pretty sad. Did you used to be fat? You don’t look like a diabetic. You can’t eat this (followed by a denial of dessert). As well as:

  • So if you get low or something I need to give you insulin, right?
  • You’re done with sweets. (That was a medical professional.)
  • Can you have babies?
  • Will you grow out of diabetes?
  • It’s just diabetes, eat better and exercise and you’ll be fine.
  • You have an insulin pump? Your diabetes must  be really bad.
  • Is that the bad kind?
  • Can’t they just give you a pill instead of shots?
  • I could never give myself shots!
  • Oh my gosh, that’s so gross.
  • Are you allergic to sugar then?
  • You just don’t eat sugar and you’re fine, right?
  • What happens if you drink insulin?

Diabetes Blog Week, if you missed DBlog week or want to catch up on the post topics that I neglected to participate in, head over to Karen’s list of topics and posts and enjoy! I’m still trying to make it through all the posts and even though I admit to some diabetes blog burnout, this blogging event is really wonderful and I encourage you to participate next year if you can.


I have to brag about how awesome my husband is. Last week, I was very busy at work trying to wrap things up before taking the day off and my Premiere rep/friend was going to stop over to drop off some things for my upcoming party on Wednesday night. When I arrived home from work (later than usual and later than Brad) this was happening in the living room:

Yes, our coffee table is on the couch

Vacuuming was preceded by taking out the trash, unloading/loading the dishwasher and mowing the yard. He was a busy guy!

6 thoughts on “Back From Vacation & May Reads

  1. My husband has type 1 Diabetes and the things our families say to him are so annoying! No one gets it- honestly I still don’t get it sometimes, but it’s better to be caring and understanding than frustratingly ignorant. (Sorry that’s a bit harsh!) Glad you had a nice vacation, happy anniversary!

    • You should read some of the things I write regarding diabetes… you’re comment is definitely not harsh in comparison! Thanks! People say some of the most ridiculous things and sometimes you have to laugh at it, other times you have to be very clear and set them straight.

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