Baby Showers and Crude Books

A couple of my cousins are expecting babies within the next few months and I received invitations to their baby showers. In lieu of cards, they requested children’s books (which is an awesome idea because kids books aren’t only really cool, they can add up if you want to have a good library).

When I was out Christmas shopping with a friend I took a break from Christmas to check out the children’s book section of the store in hopes of finding a great book for the first shower. And there it was:

I excitedly purchased the book and then I checked the registry and they had registered for some Dr. Seuss-themed baby goodies which went along well with the book. I just had to tell my aunt about it… and the following text conversation occurred (thanks to my phone’s crude sense of humor):


Auto-correct fail

Looking for books for the baby showers reminded me how much I loved reading as a kid. I loved story time at the library and picking out which Miffy books I wanted to read at the library. I remember that the first time I fell in love the the book The Rainbow Fish was at a home school event and I read it over and over again.

I spent as much time in the school library as I could in middle school, and I was that girl who was carrying around an extra book from class to class and reading whenever I had a spare moment.

What were some of your favorite books when you were growing up?

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11 thoughts on “Baby Showers and Crude Books

  1. OHHHH autocorrect. Very funny. I was absolutely obsessed with “The Babysitter’s Club: Little Sisters” collection when I was younger. I had an entire box set and remember reading some of the books multiple times.

  2. Ooooh children’s books, one of the great loves of my life.

    The Giving Tree is, hands down, my favorite “baby book.” Then the Harry Potter and Anne of Green Gables series, for those who are a little bit older.

    I’m so nerdy that I wrote an entire post about children’s books, if you want a nice long list of favorites:

    PS – love that autocorrect!

    • The Giving Tree was Shel Silverstein right? He was an amazing author. And I guess I was behind the curve, I read the whole Harry Potter series within two months the summer after my sophomore year (of college).

      I’m now going to read your list!

  3. The first book I learned/taught myself to read was Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Suess. I love all of his books though. I read everything when I was little, and still do! I loved The Boxcar Children, The Bailey School Kids, Little Women (I read it in like 5th grade..I was weird), but my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE children’s books of all time are The Grumpus Under The Rug, Socks for Supper, and Little Toot. We borrowed Grumpus and Socks for Supper from the library ALL the time when we were little. I got them for my mom for Mother’s Day a few years ago 🙂 Little Toot is super old, but it was one of the few children’s books my maternal grandparents had that my cousins and I all liked. When we would all be visiting for the holidays, the three youngest at the time (my brother and cousin who are 16 months older than me and myself) would all climb in bed and my uncle would read Little Toot on the Thames to us. Except he always made a farting noise with his mouth instead of saying the word ‘toot’ and we thought it was the funniest thing ever. There’s also a line where one boat says to another “use your hooter in the fog” and all the adults always laughed but we never understood what was so funny…hahaha.

    I love autocorrect! My favorite that I’ve received was in response to me jokingly telling a friend to bow to my awesomeness. His response was “I will now bow to you” instead of “I will not” and I cracked up.

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