AutoCorrect Fail

Let’s face it, we’re not really that great at typing. Especially on touchscreens. So the autocorrect feature on most smartphones comes in pretty handy to help us get our message across without much editing.

But sometimes autocorrect gets overconfident and takes what we meant to say and turns it into something completely different.

Like spiders.


Apidra and spiders are very, very different things.

Within that same text message conversation with my husband, he announced that someone brought in Starbucks for their team and his phone decided that “Frap” should be “crap.”

Thankfully with a keen eye we can catch these things. My smartphone hasn’t yet been smart enough to realize that I use the word “like” way more often than the word “Luke” and it likes to replace “and” with “ANC.” Of course please don’t forget the “Crude” baby shower book I purchased.

What autocorrect fails have you encountered that made you smile?

PS: Yes I’m aware that there’s a whole website  for these things.

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