Free Lunch!

There really such a thing as a free lunch…

I’m had an insulin-free lunch of leftover stuffed chicken breast and steamed asparagus.

Last night, inspiration struck and I modified this recipe significantly, mainly by forgoing bread crumbs and lime, cutting cheese and bacon amounts, and having it grilled by my own grill master.

With the stuffed chicken for dinner, I bolused last night because it was accompanied by a salad, peaches and a grown-up beverage.

Living with diabetes means that food isn’t just food, it’s math problems and medical treatment too. It was nice to see 89 on my meter before enjoying my reheats that only added up to about 10 grams of carbohydrates.

Insulin-free food is always nice and I usually enjoy it at snacks, like a handful or almonds, cheese or some raw veggies. But to have an insulin-free meal is a big delight!

What foods do you enjoy when you don’t want to take insulin?

3 thoughts on “Free Lunch!

  1. I agree that an insulin free meal is a treat – I can probably count on one hand how many times I’ve enjoyed that in the past few months! Even when I eat salad for lunch (often) there are about 20g carbs in it. If I’m hungry and don’t necessarily feel like dosing insulin, I usually go for some cheese or cashews or a pickle 🙂

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