Because I can’t take them all home

Last week, Brad and I went to the animal shelter to look at kittens. We had decided to make the leap into pet ownership and get two kitties. I texted my mom that day and let her know we were going to the shelter, her response:

Have fun! But don’t take them all home!

After spending time among the cat cages, I realized how easy it would be to do just that. We focused on kittens. While holding a cute four-month-old kitten (who I did take home with me), I felt a tap on my shoulder, accompanied by a gentle poke of a claw. The lovely adult cat in the cage behind me had reached out the touch me. I had to pet her too. And I had to pet the beautiful black cat “guarding” the door. And of course the brown and tan striped guy who wanted to do our adoption papers with us deserved some love as well.

If I spent much time in an animal shelter, I truly would turn into a crazy cat lady and fill our new home with pets. It would be possible because there are so many cats, dogs, rabbits and other animals that need homes.

We adopted two of the sweetest, affectionate and playful kittens that were taken in by a passionate animal foster “mom.” We wanted to adopt from a shelter or rescue group to help alleviate the overpopulation of pets. Holmes and Watson (our kitties) were already neutered and vaccinated when we brought them home.

My buddies

If you’re considering adding an animal (or two!) to your family,

please consider checking with a local animal rescue group first . There are so many wonderful animals in need of good homes. Often you can find purebred animals with those groups right with the wonderful mixed breed pets (you can usually find specific breeds of rescues and other adoptable animals through Even with adoption fees, chances are you’ll be spending less on your pet and helping out (plus adoption fees are typically tax-deductible if you need another reason to adopt).

Cammie and Dude are two beautiful rescue chows that found homes with our aunt and uncle in Washington state

We saved 4 cats when we adopted 2. We gave our 2 kitties a home and freed up room for 2 more kitties to be cared for by the animal shelter. But I can’t take them all home… My mom said so.

8 thoughts on “Because I can’t take them all home

  1. I am a total cat person. I feed the feral cats in my neighborhood and participate in a catch and release program to spay/neuter them. I can’t feed/help them all but I can feed/help one animal at a time. Thanks for this post.

    • By caring for a feral colony and doing the catch and release program, you are helping sooo many cats! I think that’s great. Our kittens were part of the last litter of a feral cat who was finally caught and spayed.

  2. Awww, what sweet little kittens. My K.C. is from a shelter too, and from what I know of her history she had a very very rough start to her life and almost didn’t survive. Shelter animals are such a gift, because they know they have been saved and they love you even more for that!

  3. I lived away from home for undergrad, but move back home for grads school. The minute I moved back home, I begged my mom for a cat. She finally relented about a month before I graduated. She was out running errands and somehow (!) found herself at PetSmart where they were hosting a local shelter. Bes and Rose have been living with me ever since. I think two cats are the limit for a single girl – I don’t want to be the crazy cat lady 😉

  4. I used to volunteer at an animal shelter where I, well….cleaned up cat poop but I also washed cat food dishes, washed dogs etc.
    I love pets! Glad you advocated for animal adoption. There are so many wonderful cats who need good homes. There was one cat that used to hide every time I came in. The cat was severely traumatized from abuse. It took me months before the cat would feel safe around me and when she finally came up to head butt me I think I cried for a good 30 minutes. Cat lovers unite!

    • I’m an animal lover all the way around Jess! I always have been, but my passion was deepened when I interned for a nonprofit spay/neuter and pet food bank organization in college. Brad and I always knew we’d adopt cats. If we could devote the time and attention that dogs need, we’d have them too!

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