Always His Daughter

No matter how long he’s gone, or where my life takes me, I will always be his daughter.

The longer I’m an adult, the more and more I realize how much of an influence parents have on our lives. A conversation with my husband last week about how we’ve gotten to where we are in life and I can’t help but attribute much of who I am to my parents. Sometimes I didn’t understand them or even like them (I was once a teenager) but as an adult I see how their parenting and boundaries shaped me. I learned responsibility and respect at a young age and many other values from my mom and dad.


3 thoughts on “Always His Daughter

    • Thanks Scott. It’s almost unreal to think that I’ve lived a whole year of my life without him here. There are little things that are comforting, like being able to say with confidence that my dad would have loved certain aspects of our new house.

  1. When I look back at being a teenager, I often cringe at how mean I was to my parents. Especially with my new diagnosis, I can see how much they love me and care for me. I’m sure your dad would be beaming from above, so proud of his little girl and all of her accomplishments!

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