Three Years

Today is Brad’s and my third wedding anniversary.

Three years.

A lot can happen in three years. A lot.

Since the day those young kids, who actually looked like their passport photos, made vows to each other a lot of things have changed… but not the vows.


Part of our vows was a promise to grow together. In the past three years we’ve both grown, on our own and with each other.




This morning my friend who set our whole relationship in motion, shared a photo from Brad’s and my first date with me and pointed out how young we look in it.


Without even knowing it, that was the day that we started building a life together. After three years of marriage, I’m so happy with what we have built and am looking forward to looking back at pictures of us now just as fondly.

Happy third anniversary to my lawfully wedded husband,  my constant friend, my faithful partner in life and my one true love.

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