Friday Five: Short Week

Because of taking a long weekend, both last week and this week have been short weeks for me. Couple that with the fact that this is the last workday for the month, that means I’ve been very busy at work.

Because I work in an environment built around client relationships and billable hours, the end of the month is frequently the deadline for projects as well as a rush to make sure that time sheets are completed. I try to be organized with my time sheets, rarely accumulating more than two days to record at once. If you don’t work in an industry that uses time to track projects, the best I can explain it is to account for what you’re doing for every 15 minute increment of your day and report it to your boss. Anyway, enough about time sheets!

Today’s Friday so let me catch you up on my short week and the things going through my head…

1. This week I’ve been thinking about my marriage a lot, seeing as how we had an anniversary and all that makes sense! Three years really did go quickly. Brad and I both appreciated all of the well wishes and congratulations on Wednesday.

2. Pillow Fights Theft. Does anyone else ever catch their partner trying to steal their pillow in the middle of the night? Brad and I value our pillows a lot, honestly I think that the right pillow is more crucial for a good night’s sleep than the mattress. Last night on not one, but three occasions, I woke up to tugging on my pillow. The first two times, I sleepily pulled my pillow away but on the third time, I was more awake and yanked my pillow away saying, “Get your own pillow!’

This morning when we were getting ready for work, I said to Brad,“I have to tell you how bad you were last night.”

He hung his head and said, “I tried to steal your pillow.”

“Three times!” I exclaimed. He only remembered the one time when I told him to get his own pillow because it prompted him to retrieve his pillow from the floor. I just shook my head. What’s mine, is mine in this situation.

3. We’ve been researching bicycles recently and are going to look at some in person this weekend. We both like riding bikes but haven’t been able to for awhile.

4. We’re loving that better quality fruits and vegetables are becoming available again. Right now our fridge is filled with so many vibrant colors from the green spinach and asparagus to the pink raspberries and the darker red of cherries along with the blues and purples of blueberries and grapes and orange carrots. We also regularly have tomatoes, avocados and bananas on hand and I made coleslaw for the first time to yesterday. Fresh is always our favorite, but frozen will do when fresh quality isn’t available. What are your favorite fruits/vegetables?

5. I have pictures from vacation to download off of the DSLR. I haven’t even really looked at them yet, just the ones from our phones. One thing that Brad and I are not really great at are getting pictures off the camera. Our phone pictures back up automatically over wifi so they’re really easy to pull up on the computer and place here.

What are you up to this weekend?

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