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Crystal over at Straight On Till Morning does these 10 Things on Tuesday posts… kind of like my Friday Fives but on steroids. Her first link up today is excellent timing because I’m all sorts of scattered and I can’t really craft full, coherent posts right now.

1. I feel guilty for long lapses in blogging. A few days may not seem like a long lapse but to me it is. That’s part of why I wanted to post today, even though I didn’t have time to finish my intended post (our trip to Niagara Falls).

2. I’d like it to rain for a little bit one evening this week. A couple of weeks ago when we had a ton of rain, tornadoes and flooding, I was inspired to do a refashion related to rain gear. Now it’s been clear and beautiful after work so I’m unable to take the after photos that I want.

3. Saying, “I got your message, but I was on the phone with Sweden,” sounds like a lie, but it’s the truth. The internet is truly amazing.


The thing Watson is clutching with his crazy eyes… that’s me. Trying to work in our dining room. He wedged himself in the chair behind me then awkwardly hugged me, then promptly decided he needed a better grip and did not want to let go.

5. For the first time (ever) last week, I went into a client meeting with my OmniPod completely visible on my arm. All of my coworkers know I have diabetes and are used to seeing my robot parts, clients are another story entirely. To be honest, I probably would have thrown on a sweater before going into the meeting if I’d thought about it before taking my place at the table. No one said anything, so I wonder if they even noticed.

6. Have you ever heard the expression, “Good fences make good neighbors?” It’s completely accurate in my neighborhood.


7. Sometimes I like to go back and see what I was writing about a year or two ago. At this time last year, I was writing about graduation parties and my mom’s surprise party. It seems like just yesterday!

8. I’m officially obsessed with KIND Bars. I’ve liked them since the first time I tried one, then they appeared at Costco so I can get their natural goodness in bulk now!

9. Did you know that sticking things like pins in your mouth is a really really hard habit to break? I’ve still resolved to stop holding pins and needles between my teeth, but I keep catching myself doing it when I sew. I typically catch myself within a few seconds of doing it and feel really dumb, I’m wondering if there’s anything I can do to deter it but coating my sewing things in hot sauce or something sour might stain my projects. Hmm…

10. You know you can find me on Facebook, right?

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What about you, any bad habits, bad neighbors, new obsessions or random thoughts on your mind?

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