Thankful Thursday

With Thanksgiving coming up in a few weeks, I thought today I could take a moment to share with all of you what things (great and small) that I’m feeling thankful for.

  • My loving husband who supports and cares for me
  • Seat heaters on chilly mornings

  • My safe (cool!) and dependable vehicle
  • Family members who go beyond the “call” of their relationship titles (i.e. aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws)

  • A beautiful apartment that we can truly call our “home”
  • Sugar free peppermint mocha cream that makes my sweet coffee addiction nicer to my non-functional pancreas
  • Great parents who set good example

  • The medical technologies that saved my life and keep me going
  • Easy access to world class medical care at the Cleveland Clinic
  • Beautiful photographs of the best day of my life

  • My fantastic education and the scholarships that made it possible
  • My husband and I having jobs in our fields

This year has been a mix of both amazing and horrible events. But no matter what is happening, it’s very important to be thankful… and not just in November.

What are you thankful for?


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