He knows my blood better than I do

But I swear my husband isn’t a vampire. Here’s what I mean…

Today I was buzzing around our apartment as Brad was about to get in the shower. I made the comment, “I think my blood sugar is low.”

So Brad paused to watch me test. While my meter calculated he said, “It’s 52.”

He sometimes tries to guess my blood sugar number or how long will be left on the kitchen timer before he checks it, so this was not weird.

I thought to myself, no it feels lower and guessed that I was 49. (Yes, this all happened in the 5 seconds that it takes my OneTouch to calculate)

Guess what my meter spit out?


Brad’s side of the story, he can smell my numbers.

Maybe he can start predicting my a1Cs…

In other news, I’m wearing one of these things for a few days to test it out (I’m also wearing blue every Friday, are you?).


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