June Reads

Happy July Friends!

I’m a little behind on my extracurricular because… well live first, blog second. I was the happy recipient of a Sunshine Blog Award and have not forgotten what that entails! I also owe someone a guest blog… but I did read/see some great stuff in June, so here’s a brief list.

What’s Hot in Wearable Technology.

I’ve ranted a bit about the size issues of wearable technology, but I’m still intrigued by what is and will eventually be out there. Google Glass has been a lot of fun so far to play with and has come in handy for more than a few things, such as a very steady video of my mother’s wedding.

This article is interesting to me because I can’t immerse myself completely in tech blogs since I don’t speak that language (gasp!) and I don’t really get into all of the details when it comes to resolution, memory, software and speed comparisons – but don’t worry I’ve got a guy for that. I liked this blog post because it was written by a communication pro… that’s a language I understand! SCiO in particular intrigues me… get nutrition information from scanning food? That’s pretty cool.

3 Reasons to Wear Your Wedding Ring 

I like reading this blog and particularly liked this post.

10 Things Never to Say to a Person with Diabetes

No matter who you are! This list had me chuckling a little as well as nodding my head. Seriously, people say the stupidest things. I have actually had children ask me more intelligent questions about diabetes/diabetes devices than adults.

Not Sorry.

I apologize far too much and I’m not alone. It’s a vastly female problem. I love Pantene’s Not Sorry video, because it points out times when apologizing is not appropriate, saying “sorry” when you should say things like “excuse me,” “I have a question,” “sure” or nothing at all places nonexistent blame on yourself and devalues you, your place and your opinion.

Budgets and Chronic Health Conditions

I played personal finance blogger for a day and guest blogged for Michelle at Making Sense of Cents about how diabetes fits into finances. Diabetes is not cheap to manage! Michelle’s readers are great and were so nice to me in the comments. I hope that maybe I encouraged someone to invest in their health.

Some of my June blog highlights included:

Was June a busy month for you too? Read anything good lately?

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