I got it from my Momma

I’m so happy to share a special refashion with you today… one that is NOT mine!


One of the most popular topics on ProbablyRachel is refashioning clothing, I’m often asked how I learned to sew and aside from learning how to hem a pair of pants and sew on a button, I never really was taught anything else. I watched my mom sew from time to time, but I think there’s a part of my refashioning that’s inherited – genetically speaking.

My mom is a very creative lady and I’m sad to say I didn’t realize that fact before I became an adult. Today’s refashion project is hers and she graciously allowed me to share it.

Mom recently remarried and while wedding planning, she came across a cute hi-lo hem, peach chiffon dress in the juniors’ department. Yes, my mom shops in the juniors’ department. She saw that it had the potential to be a gorgeous going-away* honeymoon dress for her… just not with the black accents.



Her alterations were simple, but completely changed the look of the dress.

She removed everything black from the dress and replaced it with peach ribbon (sash and back criss-crosses). To make it more softer and a little vintage (in my opinion) she added lace to accent the neckline and rosettes to anchor the criss-cross ribbon on the back.


Here’s a closer look at the back details

Here’s my mom wearing her refashion on her honeymoon cruise. (She caught the cruise bug from me!)

Details really do make an outfit!

*The dress was originally intended for their grand exit, but the couple decided not to change before departing. 

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