Friday Five: My Last Appointment

I decided against writing a long post about my endocrinologist appointment this week, especially since there are a lot of things I’m still processing from it. So here are some highlights:

1. A major highway is closed for the next three years, so I need to familiarize myself with my new route to the hospital… and how much longer it takes to get there.

2. I can tell Dr. O was happy to show me off as a patient to a visiting doctor from Turkey.

3. We’re trying to tackle dawn phenomenon, which has kicked me off my semi-annual visit schedule and put me on the quarterly visit plan. Has anyone successfully dealt with the early morning highs?

4. My a1c remains stable, but seems like it jumps by .1% each visit. I’m going to try to stop the a1c creep.

5. I’m being referred to a kidney specialist. My first urine test results were alarming, so Dr. O had me redo it when I was there and those results were much better, but not great. I’m trying to keep from freaking out or getting too concerned before I got see the nephrologist, but it’s tough not to worry.

In other news, there are currently plumbers demolishing walls and pipes in the bathroom and part of the kitchen ceiling at my house. I’m so glad that my husband is there to oversee and that I am not. I think I’d cry… I feel like I might cry here at work every time I get an update on the project.

3 thoughts on “Friday Five: My Last Appointment

  1. re: #3. My basal rates are higher from about 3 am until after breakfast than any other part of the day. I also pre-bolus breakfast by about 30-40 minutes. The only other thing that I can think of is if you are changing your pump site in the morning. It is more convenient (especially if you are a morning shower-er like I am) but it is giving you a few more minutes without insulin and increased inflammation from the insertion just when your body needs it least.

    • Thanks Sara! My endo tweaked my overnight basal rates at my appointment and I’m seeing some results finally! My fasting is down into the 140s from the 180s, so we’re going the right way.

      I change my pods out at night (I know it’s not recommended) since I’m not a morning person!

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