Sweetest Day Weekend and a Variety of ‘Weds

I didn’t realize it was Sweetest Day on Saturday until I was browsing Facebook while brushing my teeth on Saturday morning. (Yes, I probably have bedhead and a mouth full of minty fresh foam when I like your pictures and statuses.)

Brad and I celebrated Sweetest Day once upon a time… a long time ago. Before we were a couple. Seven years ago we went on our first date on October 4th (set up by my friend). Our third date was on Sweetest Day and we were in that stage of our relationship when you don’t know if you’re a real couple of just kind of going out. Brad gave me a little potted yellow rose plant… which died approximately two weeks later around the time we decided we were a real couple. Aside from saying “Happy Sweetest day, dear” to each other, that was the last time we celebrated Sweetest Day.

Anyway, we spent Saturday with the newlyweds (my friend Natalie and her husband Tyler) helping them paint at their new home. I can tell that they’ll be happy in their house, but I’m sad it’s an hour drive away instead of the five minutes they used to be.

The husbands

I spent Sunday with my mom, the nearlywed, at a bridal show. It was a good time, but I felt bad that so many of the vendors thought I was the bride. I’ve been to so many bridal shows in the past four years that they should know me by now! After the show, she came back to my house and we went through all of the goodies from the show and talked about some of her plans for her wedding in the spring. While we were sorting through literature, Watson made himself at home in my mom’s bride bag.

Check your bags for cats before you leave my house!

I haven’t really talked about it here yet, but if you read the last paragraph, you probably picked up on the fact that my mom is getting remarried. Most of the time when people hear that my mom is getting married, they ask, “Are you okay with that?” So in case you were wondering if I’m okay with my mom’s engagement, the answer is yes. I think it’s a topic for another post, but in a nutshell: I’m happy for my mom. I know that she and my dad had conversations about her remarrying when he was very ill. Her fiance has no intention of trying to be a new dad for me or my siblings, he’s just himself, we like him and he makes my mom happy.

Speaking of weddings, we’re wrapping up the wedding celebrations for this year on Saturday and already have a few on the books for 2014.

There’s a lot of love going around, Sweetest Day or not!

In case you were curious about Friday’s post, our bathroom sink drain is functioning properly again and they didn’t need to cut into our kitchen ceiling. Hallelujah! 

Do you celebrate Sweetest Day with your sweetie?

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