The Secret Family Recipe

I feel like the internet (and Pinterest) might be killing the idea of secret recipes.

Not all families have a recipe that is special and passed down, but the family I married into does. When Brad and I started dating the K-fam baklava season was just about to begin. I didn’t realize how amazing their secret recipe was until I a.) had it and b.) saw how crazy people go for it.  I was amazed at how many people placed huge orders with my in-laws for their baklava every year.

People asked, begged and tried to bribe to get the recipe. Sure you can find baklava recipes online, but theirs is just different.  And part of what makes it special is the secret.

I wasn’t even allowed to help make baklava until Brad and I were engaged. But I also didn’t have access to the recipe… until my bridal shower when I unwrapped what I thought was a picture frame.

Unwrapping the secret family recipe

Now that I’m a Kerstetter I have the recipe and we make it occasionally during the holidays. I could share the recipe, special ingredients and certain tips here on my blog and get a ton of views and engagement and satisfy the curiosity of many… but then the recipe isn’t special.

I have a box full of recipes and am happy to share every single one that I have except for the one. I feel like each person should have that one thing that they make special. The internet is making special recipes into community property and I love the ones I find online. Here’s my take: Share all of the recipes you want, but don’t be afraid of having one thing that’s special to you or your family that’s secret.

Do you or your family have a secret recipe?

2 thoughts on “The Secret Family Recipe

  1. I thought I had a secret family recipe because I had never seen anyone outside of my family make it. Then when I finally asked my mom about it, it turns out it is from the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook! Oops!

  2. My fiancé’s family doesn’t really use recipes (except during cookie season) and inky family it seems like nothing is a secret. However, I have run into some qualms on this when I started my baking- a lot of recipes were given to me, out of cookbooks, or found online. I have dealt a lot with what to share and what to not- especially since most recipes weren’t “mine” to begin with.

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