Favorite Refashions

I never really cared for #tbt on Facebook or Instagram or whatever but on my blog… I love it! So today, I’m looking back at a few of my favorite refashions…

The Little Black Dress

I love how this one turned out and am actively looking for occasions to wear it! Nothing screams little black dress more than a man’s shirt… right?

See what it used to look like.

Purple Cookout Top

I make shirts into dresses and dresses into tops. The entire concept is re-imagining a garment to make it useful again. I love this one because I finished it in under 48 hours from start to finish. This is important because I rarely complete a project so quickly. In fact, I have a refashion stalled in progress that I started a year ago and two others going. I get distracted easily and occasionally have to step away for other reasons.

See what it used to look like.

I Hate Sleeves

This one started as a dress and remained a dress. If you follow my refashions, you’ll notice that sleeves don’t often make the cut… or more accurately get cut. I affectionately call this one the baring arms dress even though I don’t wear it when I bear arms (I wear this).

See what it used to look like.

You may have noticed one particular dress missing… Although I’m still proud of it, the Tea Party Dress doesn’t make my top three refashions. It does make the top five though in case you were worried.

Do you have a favorite refashion? (Of your own, of mine or of someone else’s?) 

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