Men’s Shirt to Little Black Dress

I found this short sleeve button-down shirt in a bunch of Brad’s old things. The material is very soft and I liked the way it felt so much that I wanted to wear it!

Can you tell I started this project in the summer?

It took awhile to figure out what to make out of it, but I landed on a little black dress. First the pocket, sleeves and collar came off.

Watson helped

Sally modeled the scraps

Then I turned the shirt inside-out and put it on Sally backwards (after removing her classy accessories) so that the buttons go down the back. Then I pinned her sides.

I pinned the neckline and left the original shirt hem alone.

I sewed everything down and trimmed off the extra side materials. When I put on my new pinstriped dress, it was missing something. Brad even agreed! I decided it needed better definition at the waist so I dug out the collar and made it into a fuaux peplum.

I’m not entirely sure I like this dress the way I made it, but not too bad for my first attempt at making a shirt into a dress. It might look best paired with a jacket…

Here’s the back, it’s tough to see but I kept the original shirt buttons.


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