Isn’t that How Marriage Works?

I talk about my husband saving my life and people say, “You’re fortunate to have a husband who loves you so much.”

I blog about my husband having a birthday and people say, “He’s a lucky guy to have a wife like you.”

I discuss the trials my diabetes puts my husband through and people say, “It’s wonderful that you have a husband who cares about your health.”

I share about my husband’s Lasik surgery and people say, “You’re such a good wife for taking care of him.”

and on, and on, and on…

My question is this:

Isn’t that how marriage works?

Aren’t husbands supposed to love and care about their wives? Aren’t wives supposed to love and care about their husbands? Aren’t we supposed to be a team? A family?

Are Brad and I really so rare that we love and care about each other and show each other that we do in daily life?

Are all the other married couples out there just muddling through life together ignoring each other or being passive? I hope not.

In fact, I doubt it.

Maybe it’s because we’re young, part of the self-centered, entitled millennial generation.

Do people think that young couples haven’t learned how to care about each other yet? Again, I hope not.

I think that people wouldn’t comment on the loving and caring happening in our marriage if they felt like all marriages had those components. Maybe we’re weird.

Scratch the “maybe,” we are weird, but we are also fortunate, lucky, wonderful, good, loving, caring, happy and us.

I think that if you don’t love someone and don’t care about them, you probably shouldn’t marry them.

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