Quiet Weekends

I love exciting weekends that include traveling, visiting friends/family or tackling house projects, but sometimes you just can’t beat a nice quiet weekend.

This weekend, I got to spend some quality time with Brad. We also got some yard work done and I tackled the weepy cherry tree out front that was attempting to take over the front porch. “Yes, welcome to my home. Please step over the tree branches.”

I spent a little quality time for myself also that included reading, watching a chick flick, a little sewing and browsing Pinterest.

We also got some errands done

Apparently Giant Eagle is just giving stuff away now

and spent some time on the balcony enjoying the super moon.

In case you’re curious about what a super moon really is, here you go.

I had a reasonably busy week last week, so the quiet weekend was exactly what I needed to unwind.


How was your weekend?


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