What’s in Rachel’s Purse?

The other day, Victoria’s Secret asked its Facebook fans, “What [is] the one thing in your purse that you can’t live without?” (grammatical error corrected by me)

In the first 36 minute there were 2,048 responses. I briefly scanned some of them, already knowing basically what my answer would be. What appeared to be the most common responses (I have a life, therefore I didn’t read them all) were:

  • Lip gloss/lipstick/chapstick
  • Phone
  • Money/credit cards
  • Body spray

Other standouts included: hand sanitizer, keys, tampons and gun. Yes, that made the list.

But lip gloss was by far the most popular answer.

Any guesses on my answer? (which I didn’t post, so don’t bother looking for the thread)


If the question asked for top 5 it would be as follows:

  1. Insulin
  2. PDM
  3. Glucose test kit
  4. Glucose tablets
  5. Phone

Diabetic priorities are different. I don’t really care if i smell bad my lips are naked so long as I can tend to my d-monster. I carry a lot of important non-diabetes related items in my purse, but when outside of my home, all other needs can be filled with a quick trip to a store or bank (maybe not in that order).

I do carry some strange things in my purse (aside from three different types of needles that is)… at any given period of time I have had a tape measure, crochet hook, rubber duckie or pair of socks in my purse.

Tape measure

What about you? What are the most important things in your purse? What’s the strangest thing you’ve carried in your purse?


5 thoughts on “What’s in Rachel’s Purse?

  1. I love your blog. I do not have diabetes but it runs in my family and I found your blog when doing some research.
    I think the most important item in my purse is my BlackBerry. Which seems pretty shallow compared to your insulin.

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