Buy or Build: Decision 2015

We put our house on the market knowing that we wanted to live somewhere else. We just didn’t know where, or what, that would be.

Since our house sold (in 4 days!), a lot of people are wondering what we’re doing and where we’re going. (Spoiler Alert: We’re staying in the greater Cleveland area.)

It started with some research on “resale” homes in a few areas that we liked. We saw some great homes, but none really felt like “it” or made us excited to actually put our house up for sale.

Brad started doing research (he’s great at research) and discovered that we could build a brand new home in our price range. That thought was staggering, but proved when we visited a new Ryan Homes community and walked through two floor plans. Then we went through the pricing exercise to determine which features we wanted in a home.

So we signed the paperwork and bought ourselves a home site. Lot 147 is the K-Couple’s future home.

But between the time we close on our current home and the time we close on the new construction, we’ll be homeless (3ish months). I’ll be writing a blog post on temporary housing options in the near future.

What’s one feature you would want in your dream home?

4 thoughts on “Buy or Build: Decision 2015

  1. Rachel, I can certainly understand how stressful this must be! When we moved to New Jersey in 2010, we sold our house in New York when we got a reasonable offer, even though we hadn’t reached an agreement to buy a house in New Jersey. In the end my wife and then-three-year-old son ended up subletting an apartment in Manhattan for a month, then living in an extended-stay hotel in NJ for three months before closing on a home.

    We got through just fine, and it was definitely a memorable and unique experience, but certainly not one that came with a lot of anxiety. Best of luck to you!

  2. Congrats to you both! What an exciting time for you! We have been in the house that we built for about 6 months, and although it was stressful, it was worth it all in the end! Excited to find your blog and can not wait to follow you along your journey.

  3. We’re going to be going through a similar phase when we get back to the US later this year. No place to live, no jobs – it’s not going to be easy! Thank goodness we’ve got my mom and sister to fall back on.

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