Walking Through Walls is Easier Without a Foot in Your Mouth

I take some of what I posted on Monday back. Sure my house was a hole in the ground for quite sometime, but as I was lamenting the lack of work being done on it a team of framers was hard at work making it into a structure.

We went out of Monday night to survey the progress and found the makings of a first floor in place.

Although I was impressed with the amount of work accomplished on Monday, Tuesday was even more impressive! We went out Tuesday night and found something that more than resembles a real house.

Two stories, windows, doors, stairs and framed walls! I found it fun to be able to see and walk through areas that will be walls eventually.

Did I mention that we’ll have a fireplace?

The next step is to get the roof finished so that interior work can get done. Things are going to seem slow on the outside from here because the bulk of the work coming up is plumbing, HVAC and electrical. We’ll have a pre-drywall meeting with our project manager and we’ll have a completion date after that meeting. It won’t be for a few weeks but I’m really excited!

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