Home Sweet, Hole in the Ground

Brad and I have been living in the “shoe box” apartment for a month now. We can’t wait until we get to live in our house.

Unfortunately, our house isn’t a house yet. It’s basically a concrete hole in the ground. They dug on July 8th, and by July 15th our basement had been poured (poured concrete, not cinder blocks) and was curing in the (finally) hot summer sun.

Lumber was delivered on the 17th and we were told that framing on our house was supposed to start on Monday the 20th… but it didn’t. Everything until this point seemed to be moving very quickly and then we stalled for over a week. You see, in June is rained 24 out of 30 days. Even though that didn’t put our digging or pouring behind, it delayed the framing team on other homes, which turned into a domino effect that impacted our home.

Framing is supposed to start today. And in 3 days we should have a freestanding structure. Which is great, but it’s frustrating to think about all of the lumber for our house sitting untouched for a week. All of our windows arrived, our doors are now there and tub/shower materials also showed up. The deliveries are on schedule, but the house is behind and the materials are spilling over into the street.

We’re told this won’t impact the timing for final delivery because delays like these are built into the timeline.

Although I trust the timeline and have seen the progress on other homes in our development, it was still disheartening to be tripping over each other in the apartment and knowing that no one was building on our hole in the ground.

3 thoughts on “Home Sweet, Hole in the Ground

  1. Very cool – congrats on the new house, or more accurately: “house-in-development” you have going! We built our first home a decade ago, and it was fun watching it go up piece by piece. Even brought the construction workers some snacks and treats from time to time, to make them happy and less likely to not care about our place. Here’s to wishing the construction process goes well despite all the summer weather, and that you won’t be in the shoebox apt too long! 🙂

  2. Well… at least there’s some progress. Just think, regardless of when it’s done it will be done. You will be in a house you had built for the two of you. How cool is that?

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