Weekend Snapshots

You know we sold our house, we’re building a new one and just recently returned from vacation, right? (If not, feel free to catch up!)

This makes life very busy. I mention vacation because while we were on vacation, our friend who was taking care of our cats while we were gone called us in a panic. The breakfast nook in our officially sold house was experiencing the heavy rain from outside on the inside. It was the perfect combination of heavy rains, a newly clogged gutter and a worn seal on the balcony floor.

We got a contractor to come out and look at it on Saturday, he gave us an estimate and recommended that we do the demo part ourselves to save time, money and mess. So Brad cut down part of the ceiling and we made sure everything was dry for replacing this week. Thankfully, the only things that need replaced are a small piece of drywall, a small amount of insulation and the balcony floor needs resealed. The gutter has already been cleaned out and the neighbor’s tree has been glared at a time or two.

We also had a little house planning fun, we went back to Ryan Homes and signed a couple of change orders and figured out the hanging fixture in our morning/dining room.

The rest of the weekend was spent packing, sorting through things to donate, recycle or throw away.

Holmes packed himself

The process included some trips down memory lane as Brad and I both found things from our childhoods stored away. I also found an envelope that held a house-warming card for when we moved into this house. The drawing was done by Brad’s great grandmother, from a picture of our house.

It’s pretty good, right? Here’s the picture she worked from:

I enlarged the drawing significantly so it’s probably easy to see that she drew a teeny tiny third person in the picture. I know that it’s not unusual for couples to purchase a home in preparation for filling it with at least one child, that was not our intent for the home, nor is it our intent for the new one.

Brad also shared with me over the weekend that when he’s told people we’re building a new home, they think that we’re actually out there excavating and pouring a foundation. I guess the term “building a home” is so common, but not entirely clear. We are working with a home building company for build our new home.

How was your weekend?

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