November Notes

It’s been a quiet week at I truly can’t believe that November is almost halfway over already!

Here’s what’s happening-


I attended the PRSA International Conference and Leadership Assembly over the “weekend.” I left for Atlanta on Friday afternoon, the leadership assembly happened on Saturday. The International Conference ran from Sunday through Tuesday and I got back on Tuesday night. The conference was great and I learned a ton!

While I was conferencing it up, Brad was getting on a plane for Los Angeles where the lucky man got to attend T-Mobile’s UnCarrierX event and a concert with Bruno Mars, Zedd and Lil Jon. He proceeded to send me pictures of his whirlwind tour of LA making me even more jealous that I couldn’t go with him. He officially returned last night.

Which means, we spent an entire week apart. The longest time we’ve been away from each other since before we got married. It was weird.


Last Wednesday (before leaving for Atlanta), I got my last  two wisdom teeth removed. All in all this surgery was much better than the last one. I ended up doing it with just a local and nitrous, which meant no groggy, grumpy recovery from anesthesia.

Flying out 48 hours after surgery might not have been the best idea, but I’m glad I didn’t have to deal with the pain and potential for infection. I did however miss out on some of the tastier experiences in Atlanta because of needing to opt for softer food and choices that wouldn’t get stuck in my stitches. Avoiding straws was also difficult. But my last suture fell out yesterday morning and all feels okay. So I’ve got to get to work on getting back the wisdom I lost, right?

The House

We’ve got curtains and are mostly unpacked and settled in, but there are things they are still working on. Mostly our yard. The grade on our lot hasn’t been approved by the city yet and apparently there was a problem with the outdoor shut off, so when I woke up the day after my surgery I found guys with heavy equipment digging up the yard.. like the whole thing and a truck full of dirt in my driveway. I think they regularly forget that some of the houses are actually done and have people living in them!

If you’re anxious to see a picture of the house, here’s what I can share right now.

I’d like to do a home tour on here for you, but I may just wait until Christmas. I’m majorly excited to decorate this place for Christmas and we’ll be hosting the family for Christmas this year!


But we can’t forget about Thanksgiving. I think it’s one of my favorite holidays simply because it focuses on acknowledging the gifts we’ve been given. And I’m a big fan of turkey.

What’s new with you all? Have you been anywhere cool recently or are you preparing for any (or all) holidays?

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