Calvin Klein: Eternity Now (His & Hers Fragrance Review)

The lovely folks at Influenster sent me an Eternity Now VoxBox to check out (totally free to me so I can review). The box was small, but contained something for me AND something for Brad. His and hers fragrance samples of Eternity Now by Calvin Klein.

Most of the time it seems like the guys get left out of the product reviews and testing, so I liked being able to hand over a sample to him.

It’s tough to write about a scent, but I’ll take a crack at it…

Eternity Now for women is described as, “luminous. lush. sensuous. an instant burst from a juicy lychee sparkles in the top. wrapped in a floral bouquet of lush peony and a soft cashmere veil for an aura that surrounds you.” I’m not sure I could have pinned down all those details in an independent description!

I can say that the ladies’ fragrance is light, floral and pleasant. It’s a feminine scent that doesn’t overpower.

It also works well when you’re right there next to your husband wearing the Eternity Now for men. I think it’s bad when you’re out with your significant other and your fragrances clash… really bad.

Eternity Now for men is described as, “exhilarating. fresh. masculine. spicy ginger creates an exhilarating first impression, balanced by a pulsating heart of crisp starfruit and a bold signature of moroccan cedarwood.”

Again, I couldn’t pull out their details just sniffing it, but it definitely smells fresh, not at all floral which I’m sure gentlemen are okay with. I’m not sure I’d describe it as bold since it doesn’t hit you in the face or anything, but half of fragrance descriptions are marketing.

If you’re already thinking about stocking stuffers or holiday gifts, these might be a good option. A little roller ball of Eternity Now for her would fit great in a stocking with other goodies, or a body spray of Eternity Now for men would be a solid pick for him. Or if you’re shopping for a couple, you could put together a his and hers gift set with both fragrances.

What types of fragrances do you like?

I was sent these complimentary fragrance samples from Influenster for review purposes… the things were free, but the opinions are mine. This post also contains affiliate links.

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