Travel Fiasco Aside, Chicago was Great!

My mom commented that yesterday’s blog on my day-long attempt to get from Cleveland to Chicago sounded like “a series of unfortunate events.” Monday during the day was indeed rough, but I wasn’t kidding when I said Chicago didn’t disappoint!

It was a work trip for not one, but two trade shows (and two clients), but definitely incorporated fun as well. Here are some of the highlights:

  • I made it in time for my client’s party on Monday and their event went well!
  • I had a fantastic dinner with client group 1 at the Chicago Chop House.
  • My room at the Hyatt Regency (at McCormick) got upgraded to a king room on a high floor with fantastic views

    Lake Michigan to the right, city everywhere else

  • All of my meetings went well and my boss was able to cover the one that I missed due to travel trouble.
  • I got to check out a Tesla on the show floor.
  • I enjoyed a fantastic dinner at Piccolo Sogno Due with client group 2.
  • We found ourselves at a tucked away back alley tiki bar that really nice and well-themed. Each drink had a specific, on-theme glass. (Three Dots and a Dash). 
  • My late night taxi driver was listening to 80s rock.
  • I got to hear Steve Wozniak speak.
  • A robot made me a chocolate chip cookie. (When I was telling Brad about the “cookie robot” I was reminded of this movie clip.)

    Hard to tell, but on the top left the cookie is being heated. The red racks have different kinds of cookies.

My flight home was on schedule and uneventful.

I’m running a bit slow today due to getting back late last night, but it was a wonderful trip and I always enjoy getting to see more of Chicago every time I visit.

– Where’s your favorite place to go in Chicago?

– Do you have a favorite tucked-away spot?

– The robot made 4 kinds of cookies (chocolate chip, m&m, white chocolate and snickerdoodle) what would you have gotten?

2 thoughts on “Travel Fiasco Aside, Chicago was Great!

  1. So glad your flight back was uneventful- what a difference from the first one! I would have picked a snickerdoodle. I’m a sucker for cinnamon sugar and nothing is quite like that tangy cream of tartar flavor!
    Wow, that’s awesome that your room got upgraded! Aren’t king-size beds and rooms with a view just the best?

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